Replacement Skimmer O-Ring - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

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OQ001 Replacement Skimmer O-Ring for SM121/SM122 - Skimz

SKU: 208791

In stock

$0.96 $2.39
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OQ005 Replacement Skimmer O-Ring for SK201 - Skimz

SKU: 208795

In stock

$0.96 $2.39
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OQ010 Replacement Skimmer O-Ring for SN143 - Skimz

SKU: 208799

In stock

$0.96 $2.39
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    Replace your cracked, damaged, crazed, or just plain dirty Skimz components with genuine Skimz replacement parts!


    Skimz Skimmer O-ring Compatibility
     Your Skimz Product  Skimz Model Number  BRS SKU
    SM121, SM122, SC145 OQ001 208791
    SM201, SM202, SM203, SL183, SK181, SK184, SK222, SV223, SC165 OQ002 208792
    SM161, SM162, SM163, SK202, SK204, SV203, SC205 OQ003 208793
    SM302 OQ004 208794
    SK201 OQ005 208795
    SV253, SM251, SM252, SM253, SK251, SK252, SK254, SL250, SL253, SC255 OQ006 208796
    SL200, SL203 OQ008 208797
    SN123 OQ009 208798
    SN143 OQ010 208799
    SH1, SH2 OQ020  
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    Product Name Replacement Skimmer O-Ring - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)
    SKU Skimz Replacement Skimmer O-Ring
    Out of stock message DISCONTINUED
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