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    Skimz has now updated their mini calcium reactor line with the Monzter CM157 internal calcium reactor. With most standard calcium reactors you will need a dedicated feed pump which can malfunction and clog causing inconsistent flow rates through the reactor. With the CM157 reactor, the circulation pump does double duty as a feed pump making adjustments that much easier. With a specially designed inlet to the reactor fresh tank water is pulled into the reactor at the rate the effluent is allowed to exit while recirculating the water within the reactor to contact as much reactor media as possible. With the QuietPro DC pump, the RPM of the pump can be controlled for fine tuning.

    • Pump: Controllable Skimz QuietPro 2.0
    • Power consumption: 22W
    • Media: 3400 mL (14.25 cups)
    • Method of feeding: Self-suction water intake
    • For Aquariums up to 300 gallons
    • Includes pH probe holder
    • Includes Bubble Counter


    The Skimz Monzter CM157 is a small calcium reactor packed full of features. With a built in pH probe holder; bubble counter, easy to use fittings, and an integrated feed and recirculation pump these are one of the most economical and compact reactors on the market today.


    Calcium reactors replace the trace elements consumed by corals as they build their calcium carbonate structure. Typical calcium reactor media is made up of skeletonized coral fragments that will break down at lower pH levels. The calcium reactor will require CO2 to be injected into the reactor by the means of a regulator and solenoid (sold separately). The CO2 then go through the bubble counter to visually monitor how much CO2 is being allowed into the calcium reactor to lower the pH of the water within the reactor. The low pH will allow the media to be broken down into the trace elements that make up the skeletonized corals concentrating the recirculating water within the reactor. The effluent leaving the reactor will have a very high concentration of the dissolved trace elements from the media, as well as a low pH. The pH within the calcium reactor should be monitored as well as the effluent coming out of the reactor. Too low of a pH or too much effluent coming out of the calcium reactor can cause low pH within the reef tank.



    • Dimension -  7.1" L x 7.9" W x 21" H
    • Reactor body diameter - 5.9 Inch
    • Capacity - 3400 mL (14.25 cups)
    • Power Consumption - 22W @ 120VAC


    What's Included?

    1x CM157 Calcium Reactor Body

    1x QuietPro 2.0 Pump

    1x QuietPro 2.0 Controller

    1x QuietPro 2.0 Power Supply



     Owners Manual

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    Product Name Monzter CM157 Internal Calcium Reactor - Skimz
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    Reactor Placement In Sump
    Media Capacity 8 Cups / 1892mL
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