Sensor Mag Holder Pro - Seneye

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Secure your Seneye on tanks or sumps up to 5/8" thick!

The Seneye monitoring system relies on a slide system that is constantly submerged in the water. The Seneye Magnetic Holder now allows you to securely hold your sensor under without the risk of it moving. The custom bracket holds the Seneye sensor's face against the wall of the tank, allowing you to have a full view of the sensors indicating lights.

  • 3D printed for exact tolerances
  • Solid one piece bracket
  • Sealed magnets
  • Clear view of indicator lights
  • Allows for easy removal of the sensor
  • 100% reef safe


Two Models Available:

  • Seneye Mag Holder - 3/8" max wall thickness
  • Seneye Mag Holder Pro - 5/8" max wall thickness



  • Dimensions - 3.4 H x 2.85" W x 1" D
  • Max Tank Thickness - 5/8" (16mm)


What's Included

  • 1x Seneye Mag Holder Bracket
  • 1x Seneye Mag Holder Outer Magnet Set
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