Salifert Potassium Aquarium Test Kit

Salifert Potassium Test Kit
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  • Salifert Potassium Test Kit
  • Salifert Potassium Test Kit
  • Salifert Potassium Test Kit

Salifert Potassium Aquarium Test Kit

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Quick Overview

Potassium levels in natural seawater is normally around 400 ppm. Many reefers will report loss of coloration in corals when potassium level start to drop below 360 ppm. Salifert test kits have been trusted by discerning reefers for years for their ease of use and reliability.

Contains up to 40 potassium tests.


Full Details

Having a reliable and easy to use potassium test kit is hard to come by. If you are dosing potassium the ability to monitor and measure how much you are adding is invaluable. Many other test kits are hard to use and consume your valuable time. The average test should easily take under 5 minutes and give you a reading that can be repeated time and time again.


Whats Included?


20ml K-1 Liquid Reagent
10ml K-2 Liquid Reagent
10ml K-3 Liquid Reagent
2x 1mL Syringe
2x Testing Vials



Importaint Note - Before commencing with each test it is very important to clean the nozzle (including the tip) of the K-3 dropper bottle with a paper tissue. Even if the nozzle looks clean and dry. Do this by applying a slight pressure on the tissue while cleaning

Do NOT put the cap back on the K-3 bottle until the test has been completed.


1. With the unlabeled syringe add 1mL of aquarium water to the test vial. There will be a small air bubble (approx. 0.05 mL) in the syringe do NOT attempt to remove the air bubble.


2. Add 0.5 mL of K-1 using the red labeled syringe in the test vial. There will be a small air bubble (approx. 0.05 mL) in the syringe do NOT attempt to remove the air bubble. Swirl the test vial gently for at least 20 seconds.


3. Add to the test vial 3 drops of K-2 while holding the dropper bottle in a vertical position. There is no need to swirl the test vial after this step.


4. Add to the test vial K-3 one drop at a time, while holding the dropper bottle in a vertical position. Swirl the test vial for 2 seconds in between each drop of reagent. Continue adding K-3 while counting drops and swirling between each until the color changes from a white or yellowish color to a baby blue / light blue color. The change is very dramatic.


5. After color change is complete compare number of drops to ppm potassium chart below.


An extra testing vial is included with the kit for convenience and only a one vial is needed for a single test. That lets you to use one vial while the other is being cleaned. With potassium test kits it is important to keep reagent tips, syringes and testing vials clean for reliable readings.

Holding the reagent bottle directly vertical will allow for even and consistent drops making readings reliable and repeatable.


Drops of K-3 ppm of Potassium
1 > 470
2 > 470
3 > 470
4 460
5 450
6 440
7 430
8 420
9 410
10 400
11 390
12 380
13 370
14 360
15 350
16 340
17 330
18 320
19 310
20 300


6 Items

  • Accurate and easy to perform By Randall on 8/8/2017

    Over the past couple of months, I've purchased and evaluated most of the hobbyist-level marine test kits from Red Sea, Salifert, Elos, Hanna, Nyos, SeaChem, Giesemann, Lamotte, and Hach, and then compared them to results from simultaneous water samples sent to Triton Labs for spectroscopy.

    This is a very good potassium test. Results are easily interpreted and accurate. Precision is not great but adequate for this kind of test. Salifert is currently my choice for routine potassium testing.
  • Great Test Kit By Logzor on 12/3/2016

    Easy to use, good instructions, color change is easy to read. Highly recommend.
  • Great Test Kit - Highly Recommend By Logzor on 12/3/2016

    This test kit is very easy to use and has good instructions. What I like is that the color change is really easy to see.
  • Easy to use! By Randy on 9/30/2016

    simple to use and does not require many steps to see the result
  • Easy to use, inexpensive and accurate By Carlos Vicente on 7/14/2016

    Finally this test kit is available again, I've been using Salifert Potassium for the past 2 years. Measures levels up to 470 ppm in 10 ppm increments with accuracy ( I get same results when I send samples to Triton Labs) Easy to use, accurate, inexpensive, what more can you ask for !!
  • Good By Stumpy the Parakeet on 6/23/2016

    My tank measured ~350ppm. So I supplemented K. This is the long awaited K kit from Holland. Buy it use it and rate it. 4 starts due to not being sold in the USA readily for years, Yup.


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