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Floating Crystalwort - Riccia fluitans - Live Freshwater Plant

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Riccia fluitans (aka crystalwort) is a floating plant found all over the world. Riccia fluitans is easy to cultivate and it floats freely in tangled clumps or mats below the water surface. Alternatively, it can be tied down to hardscape material similar to java moss. 


Family: Ricciaceae

Full-Grown Height: 1"

Placement: Floating (or tied down)

Temperature: 72-82°F

Water pH: 5-7

Lighting: Medium

Growth Rate: Medium

CO2: Not required, but recommended


About Tissue Cultured Plants

This propagation method involves taking a small piece of plant tissue, often from the tip of a growing shoot or a small segment of a leaf, and cultivating it in a nutrient-rich gel under sterile conditions. This allows for the rapid propagation of plants while minimizing the risk of disease, pest algae, or contamination.

Keep in mind that while tissue cultured plants have numerous benefits, they may require careful acclimation to an aquarium environment once introduced. Following proper care guidelines for each plant will help it acclimate to life fully submerged underwater. A small amount of leaf melting may occur during this transition period. This is a natural response as the plant adjusts to its new environment.

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