Modular Return Pump Basket - Somatic (DISCONTINUED)


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    Somatic by Vertex

    The best addition to any Somatic Filtration System.

    The Modular Return Pump Basket houses your return pump and also helps your protein skimmer filter more efficiently by keeping a steady water level in the sump box.

    • Accepts the Modular Return Pump Basket Filter
    • Creates a steady water level for the protein skimmer
    • Perfect spot for ATO sensors
    • Titanium clamping Screws
    • Crystal clear acrylic


    The Modular Return Pump Basket Module fits perfectly in the Somatic line of Filter Systems letting you incorporate a bubble trap and an isolated area that can house your return pump. The Pump Basket comes with titanium screws to secure the module into place in the sump box that can be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance. The bubble traps help remove any microbubbles from entering the return pump and getting pushed into the display while the Return Pump Basket Filter can be used for holding chemical or mechanical filter media.



    Exterior Dimensions - 11" L x 8" W x 8" H

    Pump Area Dimensions - 7.5" L x 5.625" W x 6.125" H

    Bubble Trap Width - 1.5"


    When the Return Pump Basket is used it will set the water level height in the sump to approximately 6.625" to 6.75" in the sump box depending on the overall return pumps flow rating.


    What's Included?

    1x Modular Return Pump Basket

    3x Titanium Clamping Screws

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