Replacement Liberty Sponge Filter Cartridge - Eheim

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    Replacement Sponge filter cartridges for Eheim Liberty HOB Power Filters. This is the larger, blue filter insert that allows for mechanical filtration.


    Liberty 75 - 1 Sponge Filter required

    Liberty 130 - 2 Sponge Filters required

    Liberty 200 - 2 Sponge Filters required


    Replacement filter sponges are super easy to install into your Liberty power filter. It is very handy to have multiple sponges on hand, that will allow you to take the old one out and replace it right away with a dry, clean sponge. Then you can then take the other one to the sink for a thorough cleaning and drying.


    It is recommended to remove and change/clean the filter cartridges out once every week for the best results.


    What's Included?

    • 1x Liberty Sponge Filter Cartridge Inserts
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