Reef Status Magnesium, Carbonate & Borate Test Kit - Seachem (DISCONTINUED)

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The Seachem Reef Status Magnesium test kit provides readings not only for magnesium, but also carbonate and borate alkalinity, making this a versatile and uniquely useful test kit. Natural seawater concentration for magnesium is approximately 1,300 mg/L.  Maintaining proper magnesium levels helps achieve the essential balance of calcium and alkalinity in your tank by preventing excess calcium carbonate precipitation. In general, it is best to maintain magnesium concentrations in reef aquaria between 1,200–1,400 mg/L, so regular testing is important.


  • 75 titration tests each for borate, carbonate & magnesium
  • Directly measures magnesium
  • Measures carbonate and borate alkalinity
  • Interference free
  • Easy test validation with included reference

The magnesium test is based on titration of magnesium with EDTA in the presence of a magnesium specific indicator dye, making this a very fast and easy test to perform. The results are very easy to read with a clear transition between pink and blue. Once the sample turns blue, the test is complete. Magnesium concentration corresponds to markings on the titration syringe.

Why Borate Alkalinity?

Natural seawater has a total alkalinity of about 2.5 meq/L, of which about 0.1 – 0.2 meq/L is from borate. In an aquarium, it is advantageous for both pH control and improved calcium stability to have a slightly higher borate content. This, however, should not be at the expense of carbonate. It is useful, then, to maintain a total alkalinity of about 4 – 5 meq/L with a borate component of about 1.5 – 2.0 meq/L.

Reef Status Magnesium is capable of at least 75 tests for magnesium, total alkalinity, borate alkalinity, and carbonate alkalinity. It is designed specifically for seawater.


  • Magnesium Test Range: 125 mg/L to over 1250 mg/L
  • Alkalinity Test Range: 1 meq/L to over 10 meq/L
  • Magnesium Precision: 12.5 mg/L
  • Alkalinity Precision: 0.1 meq/L

What’s Included?

  • Magnesium Reagent 1
  • Magnesium Reagent 2
  • Magnesium Reference
  • Magnesium Titrant
  • Filtration Fiber
  • Filtration Funnel
  • Stir Rod
  • Sample Cup
  • Precipitation Vial
  • Collection Vial
  • Titration Syringe
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