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Reef Booster helps aid and speed the development of invertebrates, corals, clams, and microfauna. By feeding and maintaining anaerobic bacteria, the reduction of nitrate and phosphate occurs. Reef Booster is a complete nutritional supplement that has been developed in partnership with aquaculture experts based on highly effective additives that were successfully used with crustation, mollusk, and bivalve larvae. 

  • Very high concentrations of W3 Fatty acids
  • Complete nutritional supplement
  • A few drops can be added to fish food to entice
  • Helps stabilize coral colors


How should Reef Booster be used:
It is suggested to dose every 15 days to keep a balance of nutrients available. Reef Booster can also be added to any fish food to help entice difficult fish or new arrivals into eating



  • 0 - 15 gal: Dose 1 vial every 15 days
  • 16 - 30 gal: Dose 2 vials every 15 days



  • 30 - 49 gal: Dose 1 Vial Every 15 days
  • 50 - 104 gal: Dose 2 Vials Every 15 days
  • 105 - 159 gal: Dose 3 Vials Every 15 days 
  • 160 - 209 gal: Dose 4 Vials Every 15 days 
  • 210 - 264 gal: Dose 5 Vials Every 15 days



  • 265 - 530 gal: Dose 1 Vial Every 15 days
  • 531 - 265 gal: Dose 2 Vials Every 15 days
  • 211 - 265 gal: Add 1 Vial for every 525 gallons of total water volume every 15 days


Note: Prodibio utilizes glass vials which excel greatly over plastic containers when it comes to oxidation and contamination. Please read the "How to use the product" instructions that are included with each kit to properly break the glass vials. All vials are filled with argon or nitrogen instead of oxygen. Lack of oxygen within the vial allows the nutrients to remain fresh.

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