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GHL has been setting the standard in aquarium controllers for years, and the Profilux 4 represents one of the most time-tested and refined aquarium controllers available. The Profilux thoughtfully combines advanced hardware and control options with intuitive setup and programming, along with nearly limitless expansion to control all of your equipment. The Profilux 4 Mega Set is a solid foundation for any reefer that is ready to advance their hobby and simplify success.



  • Rock-Solid Hardware
  • Professional Software
  • Multi-Channel Lighting Control
  • Lab Grade Measurement and Controllability
  • Versatile, Expandable System


The ProfiLux aquarium controller is globally recognized for its outstanding accuracy and reliability. Offering switchable pH/redox and Conductivity inputs, laboratory grade measurement and accuracy, a wide-range of expansion options, and hardware designed to stand the test of time, this is an investment you can be confident in. From private users to research institutions, they all trust in the ProfiLux to provide them with highly accurate data and performance. 


The ProfiLux 4 easily manages important tasks such as lighting control, water parameter measurement and control, water level control, flow measurement, and much, much more. You can enjoy intuitive setup and programming through the software, with drop down menus and boxes rather than coding. The Profilux 4 includes integrated modules for measuring conductivity, temperature, pH, and ORP. Connections for level sensors, flow sensors, leakage sensors, and 1-10V interfaces are also included.


Stay Connected

With built-in WiFi and USB connections, you can stay informed about the status of your aquarium through the web, GHL’s app, email, and the myGHL cloud service. ProfiLux 4 is easily accessible via PC with GHL’s Control Center software. Regardless of your internet status, GHL Control Center can be used with or without the internet.


Via your local Network or when connected to the web, you can have access to the ProfiLux 4 from your smartphone or tablet using the free GHL Connect App, the built-in webserver as well as the cloud service myGHL. Even when you are away from home, you can check-in on the status of your aquarium and make changes if necessary.


Unmatched Expansion Options

Everyone has different needs for their aquarium, and GHL recognizes that. The Profilux controller has numerous connection options even in the basic configuration, and can be expanded to meet your needs. ProfiLux 4 includes a large selection of expansion options to suit even the most advanced hobbyist. With available accessories such as the KH Director and Doser systems which work seamlessly with the Profilux, there’s very little this controller can’t do!



  • Controller Dimensions: 8.66”L x 5.91”W x 2.17”H
  • Powerbar 6E Dimensions: 18.5”L x 4.4”W x 3.9”H
  • Powerbar Controllable Outlets: 6
  • Max Powerbar Draw: 15A
  • Light Control Channels: 32
  • 1-10V Interfaces: 6 (3 Control Ports, 2 channels each). Expandable to 30.
  • Expansion Slots: 3 (2x External, 1x Internal)


What’s Included?

1x ProfiLux 4 controller, White

1x ProfiLux 4 power supply

1x Water temperature sensor

1x pH probe

1x Redox/ORP probe

1x Conductivity probe

1x Powerbar 6E-PAB with PAB-cable 2m

1x pH Calibration Fluids (pH 7 & 9)

1x Conductivity Calibration Fluid

1x Redox/ORP Calibration Fluid

1x USB cable

1x Null plug

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