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Inline Probe Holder - Compression Fitting

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    Many of us rely on probes to monitor and notify us of any issues with our reef tanks. With traditional probe holders you will usually hang, or clip a probe holder in the sump in an "out of the way" spot. Almost all public aquarium, and large scale reef tanks will run their probes directly inline with their plumbing. By using a probe coupler you can simply insert a tee in the line and screw in the probe holder for a leak-free way to have water continuously flowing around your probes giving consistent readings. With most standard pH, ORP, and salinity probes securely fitting in the probe holder, they can be easily removed within a few seconds for maintenance or replacement with the compression style fitting.

    The probe coupler will attach to 1/2" female NPT threads.


    If you are one of the few reefers that wants their system looking like a laboratory, then the probe holders are one of the final touches to a system that brings it from hobby grade to industrial looking. By plumbing your return with probe holders you can have the water that is going to feed your tank run through probes right before it enters the tank. The probe holder fitting it will screw directly into 1/2" Female NPT threads for a leak-free connection.

    Note: Neptune Apex temperature probes will not work with the probe holder due to their larger diameter.

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