PMUP-T Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump With Power Supply - Neptune Systems

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PMUP-T Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump With Power Supply - Neptune Systems

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Quick Overview

The Perfect ATO PUMP - No Apex Necessary

The Neptune PMUP-T (Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump with Power Supply) is great for providing water to feed carbon reactors, and most importantly it can be used as a top off pump. The PMUP-T can be plugged directly into any outlet, timer, or controller letting you unleash the power of Neptune products without having to use an Apex Controller.

  • Perfect for ATO systems

  • Feed carbon reactors

  • Fits in common water jugs (2.25" Diameter)

  • Works with 3/8" Push Connect fittings

  • Plugs into any 120v US style outlet


Full Details

Neptune has created a marvelous little (but powerful) pump that now gives your Apex Controller even more options. Easily fitting in most common ATO reservoirs, and having a head height of over 12 feet means that it can even pump water up a full story in most ordinary households or the power to feed fluidized reactors and other accessories. We have even heard of people using the PMUP-T as a return pump for pico tanks.


PMUP-T includes the 24VDC power supply letting you connect it to any basic ATO controller, timer, or any other 120v outlet excluding the need for an entire Apex Controller System. The power supply to pump uses a quick connect attachment that lets you move and refill your ATO reservoir without having to remove the pump.


Plumbing to the PMUP-T is easier than ever with its 3/8" output you can connect any 3/8" ID tubing, or you can attach it to calcium, carbon, and GFO reactor tubing with the use of push connect unions or reducing push connect unions depending on your reactors tubing size.



  • Output Size - 3/8"
  • Max Flow - 100 gph @ 0'
  • Max Head Height - 13'
  • Diameter - 2.25"
  • Height - 4.60"
  • Cord Length - 10' total length
  • Power - 24VDC 17W (power supply included)


What's Included?

1x PMUP-T w/ 6' 1Link DC24V connection cable

1x DC 24V 120/240AC power supply


5 Items

  • Great for ATO By Kim p on 10/7/2017

    We use this pump to replace the pump in my ATO. Get little utility pump.
  • Works for my purpose By Orthocon on 7/15/2017

    When it first came on the market I purchased one of these from a different supplier. Specifically because I was looking for a pump which will fit through the mouth of a Seven Gallon Aquatainer for doing Freshwater water changes with aged water. So far it works quite well for my Intermittent usage. As I have no need for continuous running in this application. I simply use a 6 Inch Grounded Pigtail Electrical Cord Extension with a Leviton Grounded Outlet Switch to plug the 24V transformer into. Makes for quick shut off. Should note that the Pmup's 24V transformer takes about 3 seconds to charge up its capacitors when switched on, then it pumps beautifully, with a better flow rate from floor to a four foot height than a gravity flow through a 1/2 Inch siphon from a height of 4-1/2 feet.
  • ***Warning*** do not use in saltwater By Jorge H. on 7/11/2017

    Exactly after 5 months with minimal use the impeller is completely frozen, I figured that just like any other impeller it may be dirty and removed it for cleaning, to my surprise the magnet in the impeller is completely warped in rust and it has a crack. I am a new to the hobby so now I wonder how much rust or any toxic junk coming from this magnet I have in my tank. This should be taken off the market.
  • Failed in 5 months By nick on 6/8/2017

    Had this pump running in my sump to keep detritus clear. It failed in 5 months with a voltage leak shutting down my eb8 and everything on it. Steer clear, not apex typical quality.
  • Good when it worked By Adam on 4/30/2017

    My Pmup is about 6 months old and just died. Impeller is completely frozen inside the block and was extremely hot to the touch. As with most of the Neptune products, when it worked it was great. Just not real impressed with their quality lately. Would have been better off with a cheap ac pump like the sicce.

    Just put in an online ticket with Neptune for replacement.


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