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Peninsula MARINE X 3620 Aquarium System (59 Gallons) - Waterbox

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More to Love, Less to Spend, and With More Viewing Angles!


Waterbox Aquariums has redesigned their popular Marine series from the ground up to introduce the Marine X line, with more features at an affordable price. The Marine X series now includes a glass overflow with removable weir teeth, dual returns, and a reef-ready sump filtration system. The Peninsula class of Marine X houses the overflow system in the side rather than the rear, opening up more viewing angles for your display tank and allowing for more creative freedom with your aquascaping design. This aquarium provides an ideal foundation for building the mixed reef, SPS, LPS, or fish only system of your dreams!

  • Side overflow system Peninsula design
  • Glass overflow with removable weir teeth
  • Dual returns, plumbing, and sump filtration system included
  • Easy-to-install plumbing system with precision gate valve for ultimate control
  • Reef-ready sump system includes:
    • Appropriately sized filter socks & silencers
    • Integrated RO Reservoir for ATO systems
    • Protein Skimmer / Media Reactor Chamber
    • Return Pump Chamber ready to accommodate popular industry pump models
  • Elegant cabinet stand with soft close hinges, push open doors, and leveling feet for lasting stability
    • Interchangeable access doors


Peninsula Design-- Extraordinary Views from More Angles

The Peninsula MARINE X takes the “room divider” to a new level with best in class features and unmatched clarity. With the overflow system built into the side instead of the rear, you open the display tank up to be viewed from almost any angle. The cabinet stand included with the Peninsula MARINE X also features interchangeable access doors, so you can decide which side of the stand you'd like to position them for your convenience.


Superior Craftsmanship

Each Marine X aquarium is handcrafted using low-iron, ultra-clear Starphire glass with diamond-beveled edges. This creates the perfect canvas for a beautiful reefscape free from any of the yellow tint found in traditional glass. Each pane is professionally polished, beveled, and then bonded with strong, Wacker silicone to create a leak-free aquarium. After assembly, every tank is water tested and inspected to ensure years of worry-free reefing. Like all Waterbox models, the Marine X also includes a pre-glued self-leveling mat to minimize the effects of uneven surfaces or pressure points.


New Overflow Box Design

Plastic overflow boxes can be a hassle, as they are hard to clean and can become brittle over time. That's why Waterbox aquariums feature all-glass overflows that can be cleaned just like the aquarium walls, with a metal-bladed scraper, saving you time and headaches. Unique to the Marine X series is a glass overflow box with detachable weir teeth, allowing for even easier cleaning and maintenance.


Ready-to-Assemble Plumbing Kit & Return Nozzles

The Marine X series has been designed with ready-to-assemble plumbing that provides easy installation. To ensure quiet operation, a precision gate valve is included on the main drain, allowing for accurate adjustments of the water level inside your overflow box. Dual return nozzles are also included to ensure maximum turnover inside the aquarium. The entire plumbing kit requires no gluing or extra parts, so it can be easily installed in mere minutes.


Reef-Ready Sump System

The Marine X series comes complete with a glass sump filtration system designed specifically for marine and reef aquariums. Waterbox's newly redesigned baffle system includes chambers for filter socks, a return pump, an RO reservoir, and a large section for a protein skimmer or reactor. One or two filter socks are included in the Marine X series, dependent on and appropriately sized for your aquarium model. The RO reservoir is perfect for holding freshwater for top offs to replace evaporated water in your aquarium. Just add your favorite ATO system for days or weeks of hassle-free evaporation management!  


Elegant Cabinet Stand in Black or White

Each Marine X aquarium is paired with a water-resistant and durable cabinet stand made from laminated plywood and supported by leveling feet for long-lasting stability. These cabinets are built to endure harsh and humid environments, and they even include soft close hinges that are PVC coated to minimize oxidation from saltwater. The cabinets have a modern look with recessed push-open doors and are available in either white or black finishes.



System Specifications

  • Total Height (with cabinet): 61"
  • Total System Volume: 334 L / 88.2 Gallons

Display Tank

  • Dimensions: 35.4"L x 19.7"W x 21.7"H
  • Glass Thickness: 12mm
  • Water Height: 21.1"
  • Aquarium Volume: 59.3 Gallons
  • Glass Type: 91% Transmittance Ultra-Clear Starphire 


  • Dimensions: 26.8"L x 17.7"W x 15"H
  • Volume: 28.9 Gallons
  • Glass Thickness: 6mm
  • Skimmer Chamber: 13.4"L x 17.2"W
  • Pump Chamber: 6.7"L x 8.4"W
  • RO Reservoir: 4"L x 17.2"W x 14.7"H
  • RO Volume: 16.5 L / 4.4 Gallons


  • Main Drain: DN25
  • Emergency Overflow: DN25
  • Pump Return: DN20
  • Nozzles: 2x DN15
  • Filter Sock(s): 2x 4"


  • Cabinet Model: PWD 3620
  • Dimensions: 35.47"L x 19.7"W x 39.4"H
  • Sump Compartment Inner Dimensions: 31.9" x 18.1"
  • Material:  Laminated 18mm solid plywood
  • Color: White or Black



What's Included?

1x Peninsula Marine X 3620 Aquarium

1x Peninsula Marine X 3620 Cabinet Stand

1x Glass Baffled Sump System

2x 4" Mesh Filter Socks & Silencers

1x Plumbing Kit

2x Return Nozzles

1x Overflow Box w/ Removable Weir


More Information
Aquarium Size 50 - 75 Gallons
Aquarium Type Peninsula
Total Volume 88.2 gallons
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