OM2500 HOB Overflow Box - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

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    Max Flow - 660 GPH

    Skimz External Overflow Boxes are a great addition for tanks that do not currently have a drain system. Adding a sump to a tank is super easy with the Skimz OM2500, just place the hang on back overflow box onto the edge of your aquarium, and using 1 1/4" soft vinyl tubing you can plumb the box to a sump. The durso style valve lets you fine tune the overflows drain rate, making it completely silent.

    • Removable Weir
    • Durso Style Drain System
    • Compatible with Aqua Lifters
    • Integrated Priming Nipple
    • Leveling System


    External overflow boxes give you the ability to add a sump or added filtration to your aquarium without the complication of drilling your existing aquarium. On many ocassions we have set up tanks and then a few months after decide to add a sump. With an established tank, drilling and plumbing the aquarium isn't really an option. All HOB overflow boxes work off a siphon principal, pulling water out of your aquarium, over the edge and the directed into a bulkhead that is included with the OM2500.


    Noise of a large concern for all types of overflows and the OM2500 uses a durso style wedge pipe that allows you to tune the drain flow by just turning the wedge pipe until the noise stops. We do not recommend using DC return pumps with overflow boxes since they have variable flow, and once the overflow box is tuned the return pumps flow rate should not be increased. 


    Note - We highly recommend using an Aqua Lifter pump to prime the overflow box continuously. The Aqua Lifter pumps are a cheap insurance policy against siphon restriction through the overflow box.



    Max Flow - 660 GPH

    Max Tank Thickness - 2"

    Dimensions - 7.28" L x 7.28" W x 9.50" H

    Water Intake External Dimensions - 7.28" L x 1.5" W x 4.5" H (height is variable for leveling)

    Minimum Clearance Required Behind Aquarium - 5"

    Plumbing Connection - 1 1/4" Soft Tubing (we recommend braided vinyl tubing)


    What's Included?

    1x OM2500 Overflow Box

    1x Removable Weir

    1x Priming Tube

    1x Priming Tube Valve

    1x Drain Valve Assembly

    3x Leveling Screws

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