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Barr Aquatic Systems

Mysis Cup - Barr Aquatic Systems

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    Frozen Mysis contains a lot of waste material in the water when it thaws. This cup/sieve combination gives the user an easy, clean way to rinse the waste from the Mysis before feeding the tank.


    How To Use the BARR Aquatics Mysis Cup:

    • Stack the cups
    • Drop in the frozen food
    • Add tank water or fresh water
    • Allow a few minutes for the food to thaw
    • Lift out the inner sieve, leaving the wastewater behind
    • Rinse in fresh water (if desired)
    • Feed

    Special Note: While all cups are water tested for 12+ hours by the manufacturer, due to the 3D printed design of the cups, we don't recommended allowing them to sit with liquids or raw food in them for more than an hour.



    • Height: Approx. 2" tall (53mm)
    • Width: 2.8" wide (72mm)
    • Sieve: 1mm 
    • Material: PETG


    What's Included?

    1x Outer Mysis Cup 

    1x Inner Sieve Mysis Cup

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