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MegaChrome Coral 14500K - Double Ended Bulb - Giesemann (DISCONTINUED)

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    MegaChrome Coral lamps are very strong in overall lighting performance while having a high blue blend. The MegaChrome Coral is a great bulb emulating a spectrum found among most reefs today. The 14500k is the most popular bulb for T5/Halide fixtures with its high blue ratio that will help give your corals that fluorescent you are looking for while maintaining growth like lower kelvin bulbs.


    Choose From:

    • 150w DE HQI (R7s respectively Fc2)
    • 250W DE HQI (R7s respectively Fc2)


    Many public aquariums and research institutes rely on Giesemann lamps for their color stability, balance, and long lifespan. Being made in Germany gives Giesemann the most control over how their bulbs are produced guaranteeing the best quality bulb you can find for your saltwater aquarium.


    Available MegaChrome Lamps:

    Marine - 12500K - Emulates shallow reef lighting for great growth of coral

    Coral - 14500K - Great white coloration focusing on a subtle mix of blue while still providing good growth and fluorescent coloration

    Crystal - 17500K - Optically white but gives off peaks of blue and violet to help give the best coloration and growth

    Blue - 21000K - Emulates deeper waters with a deep blue spectrum and very little red and yellow light produced

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    Product Name MegaChrome Coral 14500K - Double Ended Bulb - Giesemann (DISCONTINUED)
    SKU MegaChrome-Coral-14500K-Double-Ended-Giesemann
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    Lighting Type Metal Halide
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