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MD-20RXT - 822 GPH (OPEN BOX) - Iwaki Japanese

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    Anytime we need an external pump the Iwaki Japanese motors are our first choice.  There are cheaper options that work just fine, however when it comes to noise the Iwaki Japanese external pumps are class leaders and for any area where noise a concern and space is limited. The Japanese Iwaki pump is the way to go.

    • Max Flow: 822 GPH
    • Max Head: 8.2 Ft
    • 1” Inlet(MPT)/1” Outlet(MPT)
    • Max Amps: .50
    • Motor Output: 1/38 HP


    High quality external pump with years of research and development behind its design. Iwaki pumps offer high pressure rates in a durable, compact pump. Easily tailor pump applications because of the numerous motor/pump configurations. MD stands for Mag-Drive.

    MD Series – Japanese Motor

    • Japanese motor is made from cast aluminum with a cast end bell
    • Japanese uses a custom pump design specifically for aquatic applications
    • Japanese pumps run cooler to the touch and slightly quieter, due to the thicker material


    Quick Compare - Iwaki MD Pumps (Japanese Motors)

    ModelPower UsageMaximum FlowMaximum HeadConnections

    Iwaki MD-20RT


    492 GPH

    14.1 ft

    Hose 5/8” NPT ¾”

    Iwaki MD-20RXT


    822 GPH

    8.2 ft

    Hose 1” NPT 1”

    Iwaki MD-30RT


    600 GPH

    17.7 ft

    Hose ¾” NPT ¾”

    Iwaki MD-30RXT


    1140 GPH

    13.5 ft

    Hose 1” NPT 1”

    Iwaki MD-40RT


    822 GPH

    21.3 ft

    Hose ¾” NPT ¾”

    Iwaki MD-40RXT


    1344 GPH

    15.4 ft

    Hose 1” NPT 1”

    Iwaki MD-55RLT


    1104 GPH

    26.9 ft

    Hose 1” NPT 1”

    Iwaki MD-70RLT


    1536 GPH

    31.8 ft

    Hose 1” NPT 1”

    Iwaki MD-100RLT


    2136 GPH

    39.0 ft

    Hose 1” NPT 1”

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