Fiji Purple High Output T5 Lamp

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24W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp

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39W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp

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54W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp

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80W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp

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The famous Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple bulb is well known for its ability to give your corals an extra eye-popping color. This low band spectrum bulb (under 400nm) will naturally intensify colors in coral pigmentation after 2-4 weeks of exposure.

  • Red and Blue mix output
  • Does not promote excessive algae growth
  • Enhances coloration intensity in hard corals especially pink, purple and red
  • Perfect supplement bulb to Coral Light I, Coral Light II, and KZ Super Blue bulbs.


To find the right Korallen-Zucht solutions for your tank or simply learn more about the ZEOvit System, check out our BRStv Buyer’s Guide To Korallen Zucht or download the Korallen-Zucht product guides below.

Guide ZEOvit System Guide

Guide KZ Product Guide


More Information
Lighting Type Fluorescent
Bulb Color/Temperature Purple
Fluorescent Bulb Wattage 24 watt, 39 watt, 54 watt
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Product Questions

What are the bulb sizes for the purple, blue, annddd the white one. I need to know before I purchase them, Thank You! ! ! !
Question by: Dylan Zorens on Nov 5, 2021, 1:37 PM
For T5 Bulbs the size will depend on the wattage you order.
24W 24”
39W 36”
54W 48”
80W 60”
Answer by: Matt Lucero (BRS Staff) on Nov 5, 2021, 2:34 PM