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The IOND & GHL 2.1 SA set gives you everything you need in order to start fully automating your seawater analysis and dosing procedures. The set includes the following:

Purchasing the set will save you significant money compared to buying each item individually.


1. The ION Director

The ION Director (or IOND for short) allows for fully automatic measurement and control of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, & nitrate in your saltwater aquarium; thus eliminating the need for costly reagents and time-consuming or inaccurate test kits. The IOND differs from competitors in that it utilizes a single multi-ion sensor, eliminating the need for a dedicated ion sensor and reagent per parameter and thus reducing future costs and potential problems. In addition to measuring the essential water parameters in your system, the ION Director can also automatically readjust dosing pumps to keep values stable, signal alarms when the value is outside an adjustable range, and display detailed seawater analysis via the mobile GHL Connect App or the desktop GHL Control Center. The ION Director can also be combined with the KH Director to measure and control the alkalinity of your system in addition to Ca, Mg, K, Na, and NO3.



  • Unique laboratory-grade multi-ion sensor developed specifically for comprehensive seawater analysis
  • No reagent liquids required for measuring
  • Equipped with special electronics, sensors, and measuring algorithms developed for precise measurement with extreme accuracy
  • Cost-effective: Save money long-term on measurements due to low consumption of inexpensive reference liquids
  • Ability to set desired number of measurements per day, or start a measurement manually at any time
  • Calibration is fully automatic and carried out prior to each measurement
  • Measurement value history is recorded, so you can interpret past results and react to fluctuations
  • Automatic adjustment of dosing amounts (of supplied liquids) according to measurement results
  • LED status display with color-coded indicators:
    • White = Configuration mode
    • Blue = Normal operation
    • Green = Measurement or dosing in progress
    • Yellow = Warning threshold – fluid container(s) are running low
    • Red = Alarm threshold – fluid container(s) are empty
  • Advanced connectivity options which allow you to choose between app, cloud, web interface or PC software via WiFi/LAN or USB to access your measured values anywhere, anytime
  • Seamless integration into the modular GHL system through the use of the PAB (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus) connection
  • Can be combined with the KH Director to fully automate the regulation of your aquarium’s key water parameters
  • Low maintenance, easy-to-clean design


In Depth: How does the ION Director work?

The ION Director requires connection to either a GHL Doser 2.1 or a ProfiLux controller with a GHL Doser 2.1 Slave. The configuration options are as follows:

  1. Option 1-- The ION Director® is connected to the GHL Doser 2 (2.1) Standalone via the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB). In this configuration, the GHL Doser has control over the measuring process: It controls the dosing pumps and evaluates the measuring results.
  2. Option 2--The ION Director® is connected to the ProfiLux (3 or 4) and a GHL Doser 2 (2.1) Slave via the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB). In this configuration the ProfiLux has control over the measuring process: It controls the dosing pumps in the Doser and evaluates the measuring results.


4 pump heads are required to perform the measurement. Two pump heads are used to convey the reference fluids required to calibrate the sensor for the highest possible measurement accuracy. After automatic calibration, the third pump is used to pump a sample of the aquarium water into the ION Director®. After the measurement has been completed, the sample water is pumped out again by the fourth pump and collected in a separate container for later disposal. If a parameter is too low or too high, the IOND can automatically calculate the amount by which dosages need to be changed to maintain stable values, making it also suitable for different systems including Balling® (Light) or Triton® .

The ION Director can operate on two user-selected control modes:

  1. Add-On Control Mode:The set dosing quantities of certain dosing pumps are readjusted depending on the deviation determined, the user sets the quantity (in ml) by which the dosing quantity should change in the event of a certain deviation.
  2. Adaptive Control Mode:Works similar to the Add-On control mode, but here the user determines the percentage change of the set dosing quantity for a certain deviation.

All measurement data can be accessed through the app, cloud, web interface or PC software via WiFi/LAN or even USB. You can access your hardware from home, on the go, or even on vacation-- adding an additional layer of security to your system to help prevent livestock loss. Information is automatically logged and collated into graphs and charts, with virtually unlimited storage capacity, and is easily accessible via a customizeable and user-friendly dashboard.



  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 8.66" x 5.9" x 2.95" (w/out sensor)
  • Requires either a GHL Doser 2 Standalone or a ProfiLux aquarium controller (3 or 4) with GHL Doser 2 Slave to operate
  • Requires 4 pump heads to perform the measurement


Package Includes

  • Device with integrated measuring cell
  • Multi-Ion sensor, especially designed for the IOND, incl. calibration liquids
  • 5m silicone tube
  • Power-supply splitter-cable


2. The GHL Doser 2.1 SA - Stand Alone 4-Channel Dosing Pump

This GHL Doser 2.1 SA has an integrated controller, so does not require an extra controller to operate, hence it can `Stand Alone`.

Keep your water values permanently stable: With GHL metering pumps, the automatic addition of fluids is a breeze.

Dose trace elements, fertilizers, balling salts, or water precisely to the milliliter. Programming is done by specifying the daily dose amount and the number of doses per day. Alternatively, you can also use timer functions if you wish to dose at specific times.

The high quality materials inside the doser ensure a long lifespan. If a pump needs to be replaced after many hours of operation, you can easily exchange it, thanks to the modular design.



  • Milliliter precision and automated dispensing
  • Expandable to 16 pumps respectively metering channels
  • Stainless steel motor shafts (also suitable for the dosage of Iodine)
  • Chemical resistant tubing (Norprene®)
  • Manual operation of each individual pump is possible
  • Pumps can be retrofitted
  • Individual parts can be replaced (hose, pump head, motor)
  • Easily chose dosing times via software (GHL Control Center).
  • Individually: Up to 8 doses per day individually set
  • Each pump can be set separately
  • Level indicator
  • Profilux Aquatic Bus System ensures reliable and interference-free networking of all network devices, such as GHL Doser 2 and 2.1, ProfiLux Controllers, Powerbars, Expansion Boxes.
  • WiFi, LAN, and USB
  • Alarm function
  • Large LED status indicator
  • Status LED for pumps
  • Convenient to program via our free PC software GCC or over our app, web, and cloud service, also free of charge



  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 8.7" x 6" x 3" or 220 x 150 x 76 mm (without pumps)
  • 4 x 24V stepper motor pumps
  • Doses up to 8-45 ml / minute (precisely adjustable to 0.1 ml)
  • Up to 150 doses per day


More Information
Product Name ION Director & Stand Alone Doser 2.1 Set (White) - GHL
SKU 250102
Compatible with Controllers GHL
mL Per Minute 1mL to 50mL
Duty Rating Intermittent
Variable Speed Yes
Max Head Height Over 20 Feet
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