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    AI Freshwater Hat

    Maybe you've been using AI's Prime, Hydra, or Blade LED for lighting...Or maybe you rely on the Nero 3, 5, or 7 for in-tank water circulation. Either way, this AI Freshwater Hat is the perfect way to show off your fandom. With the silhouette of a planted aquarium within the familiar AI logo, there is no denying that anyone wearing this shirt has good taste in aquarium equipment and style alike!



    Brightwell Aquatics Freshwater Shrimp Samples

    Sample sizes of three popular Brightwell Aquatics additives for freshwater shrimp aquariums.

    ShrimpCōde trace mineral supplement for freshwater shrimp. ShrimpCōde contains trace and minor elements crucial to neurological and metabolic processes as well as overall coloration for shrimp and fish.

    Florin-I is an Iodide supplement for shrimp tanks. Adding iodine to closed aquatic systems that house crustaceans has consistently been shown to stimulate molting in specimens that haven't molted before.

    ShrimpPrep Dechlorinator removes chloramines, chlorine, ammonia, and nitrites present in tap water, making it safer for shrimp and fish. 



    Brightwell Aquatics Planted Aquarium Samples

    Sample sizes of three popular Brightwell Aquatics additives for freshwater planted aquariums.

    FlorinMulti is a multi-nutrient suppliment with Iron & Iodine for healthier plants.

    FlorinAxis is a bioavailable carbon source for planted tanks. It serves as a reliable and stable source of carbon that plants can directly absorb. Unlike carbon derived from preservatives, FlorinAxis uses naturally-occurring compounds.

    Florin-Fe is an Iron source for planted aquariums. Iron is a crucial element for plants, both in water and on land. It helps produce chlorophyll and activates enzymes involved in important metabolic reactions. 

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