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Upgrade to the Gyre XF280 Advanced Controller. Replacing your current pump controller with the Advanced Controller will let you unlock all the features and benefits of the XF200 series.


The new Advanced Gyre Controller now lets you couple up to two Gyre pumps together off a single power supply. By connecting two pumps, they can run in sync, anti-sync, or a couple of other modes giving you more control over the output. It now also lets you set a full 24-hour flow cycle without the need to connect to a third party controller.



  • Controls up to 2 individual Gyre pumps
  • 5 Different modes of flow
  • Customizable flow cycles
  • 6 Adjustable flow variables
  • Update your first generation Gyre pumps

Note: Compatible with Maxspect Gyre XF280 Pumps Only. Power Supply Not Included


If you choose not to set your own custom flow cycle, Maxspect also expertly programmed a couple of 24-hour cycles, like Lunar Tidal Cycle (LTC) or the Oceanic Gyre Cycle (OGC). On top of all of that Maxspect added new flow patterns too, like Random and Gradual Pulsing mode in addition to the traditional Constant, Pulse, and Alternating Gyre modes.


Maxspect Controller/Pump Compatibility Chart

Name XF-230 Controller XF-250 Controller XF-280 Controller
XF-130 Gyre Pump Yes No No
XF-230 Gyre Pump Yes No No
XF-150 Gyre Pump No Yes No
XF-250 Gyre Pump No Yes No
XF-180 Gyre Pump No No Yes
XF-280 Gyre Pump No No Yes


What's Included

  • 1x XF280 Advanced Controller
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