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EDEN 30 Black Aquarium & Stand (30 Gallons) - Waterbox

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    Modern Day Fishkeeping.


    The Waterbox EDEN line of aquariums have been designed to elevate your fishkeeping experience with a modern design that is both innovative and aesthetic. Designed to adopt popular lighting and filtrations systems, EDEN offers a complete package of innovation that can transform any freshwater aquarium into something extraordinary!

    • Ultra-clear low iron glass with 91% transmittance
    • Integrated glass lid to keep fish safe and limit evaporation
    • Top & bottom trim to hide water & substrate lines (available in 3 color varieties)
    • Concealed lighting mounts designed to work with the AI Blade LED
    • Rear cutouts to seamlessly integrate equipment like canister filters, powerheads, and heaters
    • Rear glass vinyl to hide unsightly cords
    • Self-leveling mat included


    5D Rimless Low Iron Glass

    All Waterbox aquariums feature ultra-clear, low-iron Starphire glass that lets you see your fish and plants more clearly! Typical glass can block up to 20% of light passing through and can cause a yellowing effect, where Waterbox aquarium glass will allow more than 91% of light through. The increased light transfusion leads to more brilliant colors and an overall better-looking tank.

    The EDEN series also includes a rear glass vinyl, concealing unsightly cords and equipment while providing the perfect backdrop for your stunning aquascape. Additionally, a self-leveling foam mat is provided to minimize the effects of uneven surfaces or pressure points.


    Thoughtful Design

    The EDEN series includes an integrated black glass lid system that can open from both sides of the aquarium, providing easy access for maintenance while protecting adventurous livestock from escaping and reducing the rate of water evaporation from your tank. Cutouts are also included in the rear of the tank so that canister filters, powerheads, heater cords, and other equipment can be integrated without disrupting the visual appeal of your system. The EDEN aquariums have also been thoughtfully designed with a concealed light mount intended for use with the Aqua Illumination Blade LEDs (& similar low-profile LED bars), fitting perfectly under the lid and maintaining the contemporary look of the tank.


    Laminated Cabinet Stand in Black, White, or Aspen

    Each Waterbox EDEN aquarium is paired with a cabinet stand constructed with PVS laminated 18mm Particle Board supported by adjustable leveling feet and stainless steel hinges for long-lasting stability. 


    System Specifications

    • Total Height (with cabinet): 53.5"


    • Dimensions: 23.6"L x 15.7"W x 21.7"H
    • Glass Thickness: 8mm (5/16")
    • Aquarium Volume: 29.4 Gallons
    • Glass Type: 91% Transmittance Ultra-Clear Low Iron
    • Joints: 90°
    • Lid: 5mm Black Glass
    • Max. Water Level: 19.8"
    • Max. LED Light Length: 23"
    • Max. LED Light Thickness: 19mm (3/4")
    • Max. Canister Filter Piping: DN15 (20mm / 3/4")
    • Rear Glass Vinyl Color: Black
    • Silicone Color: Black
    • Top Banding Width: 60mm (2.4")
    • Bottom Banding Width: 40mm (1.5")


    • Cabinet Model: PB 2416
    • Dimensions: 23.6"L x 15.7"W x 31.9"H
    • Material: 18mm PVC Laminated Particle Board
    • Color: Black



    What's Included?

    1x Black EDEN 30 Aquarium

    1x Black Glass Lid

    1x Black Leveling Mat

    1x Black PB 2416 Cabinet Stand



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