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Easy Masstick Fish Food Tabs - 80g

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Essential Fish Nutrition, Natural Feeding Behavior

  • Composed Mainly of Freeze-Dried Zooplankton
  • Attracts Finicky Fish
  • Promotes a Natural Feeding Response
  • Contains No Artificial Preservatives


Easymasstick, a self-adhesive, ready-to-use paste, adheres to various surfaces in the aquarium, promoting natural grazing behavior and enticing even the most finicky fish to feed. Just take one out and stick it wherever your fish prefer to feed. You can place tabs in various spots; for shy or picky fish that you wish to target-feed, adhere a tab nearby to allow them access to the food with less competition.

Hobbyists prefer Masstick for its all-natural, balanced nutrition, which is particularly appealing to finicky fish. The main ingredient in Easy Masstick is zooplankton (Palaemonetes varians) that are harvested from the Veta La Palma aquaculture facility in southern Spain. Since Easy Masstick is mainly comprised of freeze-dried zooplankton and does not contain any fish skeletons, it is very low in phosphate relative to its protein content. With the addition of freeze-dried micro and macroalgaes, Easy Masstick provides a rich source of proteins, as well as lipids rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and carbohydrates. 



Feeding Instructions: It’s easy! Just open up the jar, remove however much you’d like to feed, then knead it between your fingers. Next, stick it to your aquarium glass or rocks—wherever you like! Any surface will do. And that’s it! Sit back and watch your fish peck at it just like they would in nature. It’s a real treat to see your fish feeding just like they do in the ocean.

Another plus is that Easy Masstick stays 'stuck' for hours. Fish can come and go as they please to eat as much, or as little, as they desire. This approach to feeding is unique to the Masstick line and allows the food to be rationed for hours rather than gobbled up in a few seconds.


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