CO2 Regulator and Solenoid Kit 7077.400 - Tunze

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    Precision Control for Calcium Reactor CO2 Systems


    Keep the CO2 flowing into your calcium reactor with the Tunze Regulator and Solenoid Kit. We have searched for a reliable and low-cost CO2 regulator and solenoid and found the Tunze combo gave the best results. Tunze CO2 Regulators Cylinders thread into standard CGA 320 threads without the use of any tools. Two gauges on the regulator show the tank pressure, and also the working pressure. Each regulator also includes a safety pressure-relief valve. The Solenoid comes with a power supply and check valve that can go inline between the reactor and solenoid valve. 


    Connecting the Tunze CO2 Regulator and regulator to your bottle only takes a few seconds. Just close the pressure adjustment valve all the way, screw the union nut onto the cylinder, the solenoid and check valve with the included airline tubing, and then set your working pressure with the pressure adjustment knob. It is recommended to start at a pressure of 7.25 PSI (0.5 bar) and then fine tune it from there for the best results. In most instances we encourage the use of a standalone pH controller or even a full-blown aquarium controller like an Apex to monitor the pH of the reactor, powering on the solenoid, allowing gas to slowly flow into the reactor.


    What's Included?

    1x 7077.3 CO2 Regulator

    1x 7074.400 Solenoid

    1x Inline Check Valve

    1 Meter Airline Tubing

    1x Instruction Set

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