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    This adapter allows you to use your standard regulator, and solenoid from your current calcium reactor system on a standard paintball CO2 cylinder. The adapter will convert the paintball CO2 canister to standard threads found commonly on 5lb and larger tanks. Fits any CGA320 type regulator You will need to remove the main connection point to the regulator with an Allen wrench on most regulators.


    For smaller systems a large CO2 bottle can take up quite a bit of room, and may be the difference in being able to run a Calcium reactor. Paintball CO2 canisters are widely available at almost any sporting goods retailer and can be used as the CO2 source for a calcium reactor with the use of the Cylinder Adapter fitting. Simply screws onto the CO2 canister and then the regulator will screw directly into the fitting resulting in a leak free connection and allowing the CO2 system to stay out of the way while taking up minimal space.

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