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WWC & BRS Dream Tank

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Dream Tank

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Congratulations Brett from Ohio!


Here is everything Brett, the winner of the Bulk Reef Supply & World Wide Corals Dream Tank will receive!


Tank & Sump

Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 (160 Gallon) Aquarium System - $3,349.00
Winner gets to pick between a black or white stand



6x Ecotech Marine XR15 G4 PRO LED Lights - $2,394.00

1x Ecotech Marine ReefLink Wireless Controller - $99.00

6x Ecotech Marine XR15 Diffusers - $270.00

6x Ecotech Marine XR15 Multi-Light RMS Slides - $120.00

1x Ecotech Marine Multi-Light RMS Arm Kit - $125.000

1x Ecotech Marine 70.5" Multi Light RMS Track - $99.00

14x Ecotech Marine Power Supply Brackets - $210.00



1x Neptune Systems Apex Controller - $799.95

1x Neptune Systems Energy Bar 832

1x Neptune Systems I/O Breakout Box - $39.95

1x Neptune Systems AFS Automatic Feeding System - $99.95

1x Neptune Systems MPR Magnetic Probe Rack

1x Neptune Systems FMK Flow Monitoring Kit - $199.95

1x Bulk Reef Supply Double Junction Lab Grade pH Probe - $59.99

1x Bulk Reef Supply Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe - 69.99 



2x Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 4 Wave Pumps - 599.98

2x Ecotech Marine Vortech Mp40wQD Propeller Pumps - $698.00


Return Pump

1x Reef Octopus VarioS 8 DC Controllable Pump - $374.99


Auto Top Off

1x Tunze 3155 Osmolator Universal Auto Top Off - $199.99

1x Tunze  8555.200 Water Valve - $89.57 


Protein Skimmer

1x Reef Octopus Regal 250INT 10" Internal Protein Skimmer (VarioS) - $699.99

1x Bulk Reef Supply Single Jumbo CO2 Scrubber with Legs - $229.99

1x Bulk Reef Supply Color Changing CO2 Absorbent 7.5lbs - $34.99


Refugium Light

1x Kessil H380 II LED Algae Grow Light - 299.99


Filtration Media

1x Bulk Reef Supply Deluxe GFO & Carbon Reactor with MJ1200 Pump - $99.99

1 Gallon Bulk Reef Supply ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon - $51.99

1 Gallon Bulk Reef Supply High Capacity GFO Phosphate Removal Media - $143.99


Zeovit System

1x Avast Marine 4L Vibe Automatic Zeovit Reactor - $429.99

4x Korallen-Zucht Zeovit Media 1000mL - $63.96

1x Korallen-Zucht Zeobak 50mL - $69.99

1x Korallen-Zucht Zeostart 500mL - $69.99

1x Korallen-Zucht Zeofood - $19.99


Live Rock

200 Pounds Bulk Reef Supply Reef Saver Dry Live Rock - 538.000



6x CaribSea 20 Pound Bags of Special Grade Arag-Alive Aquarium Sand - $233.94


RO/DI System

1x Bulk Reef Supply 7 Stage Pro Plus Water Saver 200 Gallon Per Day RO/DI System - $409.99

1x Aquatech 1/4" Booster Pump Kit - $149.99


Calcium & Alkalinity

1x Vertex RX-C 6D Calcium Reactor - $499.99

1x Aquarium Plant Life CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator - $339.99 

1x Two Little Fishies Reborn Calcium Reactor Media 44lbs - $99.99 

1x Bulk Reef Supply 5lb CO2 Tank - $79.99

1x Bulk Reef Supply 2-Part Pharma Calcium & Alkalinity Bulk Total Package - $99.99

1x Neptune Systems DOS Fluid Metering System - $299.95



1x Hanna Instruments HIREEF Professional Testing Kit - $235.00

1x Red Sea Magnesium Pro Test Kit - $34.99

1x Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit - $42.99



1x Red Sea Aquarium Salt Mix 175 Gallon - $72.99


Coral Food

1x Bulk Reef Supply Reef Chili - $21.99


Other Additives

1x Dr. Tim's One & Only 16oz - $97.99

2x Dr. Tim's Waste Away Gel Large 2-Pack - $71.18


Plus $5,000 in corals from World Wide Corals!


Final items & pricing subject to change. For official rules & terms - click here

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Product Questions

Can the pize potentially be shipped to austraila or anouther country if the winner dosnt live in the US.
Question by: Finn on Oct 10, 2018, 6:34 AM
Hey Finn,
Thank you for your interest in the Dream Tank Giveaway! We are only able to ship the prizes to the contiguous United States. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
Answer by: Jason Smith on Oct 10, 2018, 7:19 AM