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Bioptim contains a mixture of trace elements and micronutrients that Biodigest needs to purify and improve water quality at maximum capacity. With a balanced blend of amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins, and trace elements, your biological filtration system will never perform better. Containing a balanced mixture of sulfur, iron, cobalt, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, and potassium, Bioptim is an all-in-one micronutrient supplement for saltwater reef tanks. 

  • Contains trace elements
  • Contains Micronutrients
  • Accelerates the digestion of organics
  • Helps remove nitrates and phosphates


How should Bioptim be used:

It is suggested to dose every 15 days to keep a balance of trace elements and micronutrients available for coral and fish consumption.

Bioptim can be used on its own but the best results will be seen when used in conjunction with BioDigest.



  • 0 - 15 gal: Dose 1 vial every 15 days
  • 16 - 30 gal: Dose 2 vials every 15 days


  • 30 - 49 gal: Dose 1 Vial Every 15 days
  • 50 - 104 gal: Dose 2 Vials Every 15 days
  • 105 - 159 gal: Dose 3 Vials Every 15 days 
  • 160 - 209 gal: Dose 4 Vials Every 15 days 
  • 210 - 264 gal: Dose 5 Vials Every 15 days


  • 265 - 530 gal: Dose 1 Vial Every 15 days
  • 531 - 265 gal: Dose 2 Vials Every 15 days
  • 211 - 265 gal: Add 1 Vial for every 525 gallons of total water volume every 15 days


Note: Prodibio utilizes glass vials which excel greatly over plastic containers when it comes to oxidation and contamination. Please read the "How to use the product" instructions that are included with each kit to properly break the glass vials. All vials are filled with argon or nitrogen instead of oxygen. Lack of oxygen within the vial allows the bacteria to remain dormant until the liquid is put in the aquarium. The dissolved oxygen in the aquarium will awaken the dormant bacteria.

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