BioClean Maintenance Kit

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BioClean (6 Vials)

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BioClean (30 Vials)

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Take Care of Your Aquarium's Bacteria

  • Combines Prodibio BioDigest and Bioptim
  • Naturally Reduces Nitrates and Phosphates
  • Suitable for Freshwater or Saltwater


Prodibio BioClean cleans the aquarium naturally by combining two solutions, BioDigest and Bioptim, in one pack.

BioDigest is composed of natural bacterial strains selected for their ability to contribute to the biological filtration of the aquarium. These nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains work by converting ammonia into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates, and nitrates into nitrogen. The result is safer and cleaner water for the tank inhabitants.

Bioptim is a specialized additive designed to enhance the health and efficiency of bacteria in aquariums. It acts as a supplement to BioDigest bacteria, accelerating their growth rate. Bioptim contributes essential micro-elements like amino acids, enzymes, and natural vitamins, supporting the aquarium's biological filtration. It also contains trace elements crucial for various biological processes such as molybdenum, potassium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium, and more.

Together, these additives help boost the beneficial bacteria population and aid in the reduction of nitrates and phosphates.


Dosing Instructions: For aquariums between 30-50 gallons, dose 1 vial BioDigest and 1 vial Bioptim every 15 days.

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