Bio-Stratum Planted Aquarium Substrate

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Bio-Stratum Planted Aquarium Substrate (4.4 lbs)

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Bio-Stratum Planted Aquarium Substrate (8.8 lbs)

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Fluval Stratum - Infused with Beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria

  • Kick-starts the nitrogen cycle
  • Ideal for fine & delicate root systems
  • Helps support neutral to slightly acidic pH


Collected from the foothills of Mount Aso volcano in Japan, Stratum substrates include a powerful mix of nutrients and minerals to nurture healthy plant growth and water conditions.

Bio-Stratum features a 1-3 mm grain size, which is great for smaller aquariums, or as a top layer in larger systems. Infused with beneficial nitrifying bacteria, it's an ideal substrate to start a new planted aquarium with, especially if you plan to keep plants with more delicate root systems.

Note: If you are keeping a shrimp system, we suggest using the standard Fluval Stratum substrate instead as it has a slightly larger grain size, providing refuge for newborn shrimp. 

Maintains Ideal Water Parameters

Supporting a neutral to slightly acidic pH, Stratum substrates are ideal for live plants as well as tropical fish and shrimp commonly kept in planted aquariums. Stratum granules provide a natural way to soften water and reduce carbonate hardness, all without staining or discoloring aquarium water.



Fluval offers two versions of this popular substrate: Stratum & Bio-Stratum. See how they compare:

  Stratum Bio-Stratum (Currently Viewing)
Approximate size 3 -5 mm Granule 1 - 3 mm Powder
Promotes strong plant health, growth and colors
Supports a neutral to slightly acidic pH level
Non-compacting, porous substrate
Offers a refuge for newborn shrimp -
Infused with BIOACTIVE beneficial bacteria -
Ideal for delicate root systems -
Ideal for extensive root development -
Aquarium size usage


Medium (Top Layer)
Large (Top Layer)

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