Automatic Rollermat - Theiling (DISCONTINUED)

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    We have been waiting quite a while for a product like the Theiling Automatic Rollermat. With the Theiling Rollermat it will automatically unroll fresh new fleece to trap and collect free-floating debris and detritus from your aquarium. Usually, anyone that runs filter socks in their sump will have a few handfuls of socks laying around that need to be cleaned and can take up quite a bit of space. With the 12v electric motor dirty fleece will be removed from the water allowing new media to take its place when the current fleece is starting to clog.

    • Automatic rejuvenation of mechanical filtration media
    • No more changing or washing filter socks
    • Detritus is removed from water column preventing the breakdown into ammonia
    • Drains can be plumbed directly to input or on a stand-alone pump
    • 12v operation for low energy consumption


    Recommended flow rates between 200-600 gph through the Theiling Rollermat.


    Plumbing Info

    Due to the manufacturer of this product being in Germany the bulkheads that are already installed on the Rollermat are metric. If you wish to use US (standard) bulkheads for the input and emergency drain we suggest purchasing the Theiling Adapter Kit. Please note the main drain is a metric bulkhead that cannot be replaced with a standard bulkhead.


    Main Drain:

    40mm ABS Bulkhead - To convert to standard US size plumbing we recommend using the 40 mm to 1 1/4" adapter



    40mm ABS Bulkhead  - To convert to standard US size plumbing we recommend using the 40 mm to 1 1/4" adapter


    Emergency Drain:

    25mm ABS Bulkhead - To convert to standard US size plumbing we recommend using the 25mm to 3/4" adapter


    Dimensions: 17" long X 10" wide X 19" tall


    Whats included:

    1x Rollermat unit

    1x Power Supply

    1x Roll of Fleece

    2x 40mm ABS Bulkhead

    1x 25mm ABS Bulkhead


    Your tanks drain line can be directly attached to the input of the Rollermat, or a stand-alone pump can be used. We do prefer to use a DC controlled pump for ultimate flow control but any pump up to 600 gph will do just fine.


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