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Innovative Marine

Auqa Gadget CustomCradle XL- Innovative Marine

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    Modular, Multi-Purpose, Magnetic

    Innovative Marine CustomCradle probe holders are clutter free and one of the easiest probe holders to use, and maintain. Thumb screws are a thing of the past with the magnetically coupled, padded probe and dosing tube holder. A single CustomCradle can hold probes, top off tubing, and dosing tubing all in one probe holding device.


    Probe holders will organize your probes from a tangled mess to an organized success. The CustomCradle probe holders are the perfect solution, making your sump look just as good as the display tank. Having your probes free floating around your sump could eventually cause issues with one being exposed to air, and giving a false reading. A magnetic mounted probe holder will keep your probes exactly where you want them in your sump, while only taking up a minimal amount of space.


    CustomCradle XL:

    • Holds up to 4 probes, 4 dosing tubes and 1 top off tube (up to 1/2 inch)
    • Compatible with all temp, pH, conductivity and ORP probes including Neptune Apex Temperature Probe
    • Magnetically mounts to Glass or Acrylic up to 12mm (0.45 inch)
    • The magnetic coupled, padded holder will allow you to easily maintain your probes for cleaning and calibration, without having to mess with finicky thumb screws. The CustomCradle XL will also be able to secure your dosing and Top off tube keeping them in a secure location.


    Note: We suggest placing probes and dosing tubes in a location with high flow in the sump allowing water to constantly pass through the probes. Low flow around the probes with dosing lines can cause readings to be out of the normal range for a short period of time depending on the solution being dosed.



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    Product Name Auqa Gadget CustomCradle XL- Innovative Marine
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