ATO - IceCap

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ATO - IceCap

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Quick Overview

Everything you need to install a reliable Auto Top Off System!

  • Dual Optical Sensors

  • Magnetic Sensor Mounts

  • Compact Design

  • DC Feed Pump

  • Fail-Safe Protection

  • No Moving Parts


Full Details

Auto Top Off Systems not only save you the daily chore of adding fresh water to your saltwater aquarium but will also keep your salinity levels from changing leading to healthier livestock. The IceCap ATO system uses dual optical sensors to view the water level within the aquarium. Optical sensors are great for saltwater tanks since they have no moving parts to fail like traditional float switches. The sensors are held by the magnetic mount that holds the main level sensor and the high level safety sensor. Every IceCap ATO come withs a bright LED indicator, letting you visually see the status of your ATO.



Max Tank Thickness - 1/2"

Pump Max Head - 6 ft

Pump Flow Rate - 50 GPH

Pump Power Consumption - 4.5W @ 12VDC

Pump Cord Length - 5.5 ft

Power Cord Length - 5.5 ft

Pump Tubing Size - 6.5mm ID / 8.8mm OD


What's Included?

1x ATO Controller

1x Magnetic Sensor Mount

1x Tubing Mount

1x DC Pump

1x Siphon Break

6.5ft Pump Tubing

2x Optical Sensors

1x Power Supply


5 Items

  • Ice Cap ATO By Richard on 8/30/2017

    Purchased my Ice Cap ATO at the 2017 MACNA show right out of the box the impellor on the motor was defective cracked and the unit keeps over shooting after instillation. Tried calibrating the optical sensors dry out of the water until the pump starts than placed it in the water to my desired water level. Thank god for the second safety shut down sensor as everytime i come home from work its in alarms and the unit overbfills to the secondary sensor were it shuts down. Very little i formation on the net and or calibration in the instructions.
  • Quality ATO system By Nicholas on 7/17/2017

    Works great with no issues, the duel optical sensors is something not found in others and for the price this is a great value, have used it for months now with no issue
  • Solid ATO By Eddie J on 4/26/2017

    Been using this for about 2 months now. Works flawlessly to this point. And to ReefJunkie, it didn't miss the boat, as the pump itself has a sensor and will not run dry. It sounds an alarm when your ATO water is low.
  • Nice ATO By Brian on 4/13/2017

    I have been using this ATO for about a month. It works great. Pump is tiny and will fit in pretty much any container. I love that there are no moving parts. It also has a 3 minute safety timeout on the timer. I couldn't figure a way to lessen the timer so I hooked it to an apex outlet. I have the ATO turn on once per hour for 90 seconds. More than enough time to keep tank full and not enough time to flood my tank.
  • another ATO who missed the boat By reefjunkie on 4/13/2017

    What happens when the ATO res runs out of water and the pump runs dry? There are several good ATO's on the market that, for what ever reason, don't have a second sensor for the res. I can't understand why they keep missing the importance of this!


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Product Questions

It appears to have alarm if the water level gets too high or if the pump stays on for 5 min, but does it have an auto shutoff?
Question by: Andy on Apr 13, 2017 3:44:00 PM
Hey there,
The ATO does have integrated fail-safe protection to prevent continuously overfilling the tank, but it doesn't have the ability to take corrective action, aside from the alarm and the pump cut-off.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on Apr 25, 2017 8:01:00 AM