Atlantik V4 LED Light Fixture - Orphek

Atlantik V4 LED Light Fixture - Orphek
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Atlantik V4 LED Light Fixture - Orphek

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Quick Overview

Designed for Optimal Coral Growth and Color

The Orphek Atlantik V4 LED fixture has 156 LEDs that range from 380nm to 850nm that include full progressive dimming from 0-100%. Control the light from your favorite iOS or Android smart device! Just pair the Atlantik V4 up with Orphek Gateway for wireless control through the free Orphek Atlantik App. 

Recommended for tanks up to 48" x 35"

  • Natural look and blending

  • Acrylic Body

  • Full Control

  • IoT Technology

  • Eight Pre-Installed Programs

  • Best PAR/PUR per Watt

  • 5 Watt Dual-Core LEDs

  • Includes Hanging Kit

Orphek Gateway required for wireless connection.


Full Details

Atlantik V4 Owners Manual

2-Step Connection Process


Orphek has spent years of research and dedication to produce the Atlantik V4 LED light Fixture! From new LEDs that break into the infra-red spectrum and down into the ultraviolet spectrums. LEDs are high-power 5W dual-chips that help create crisp, colors that blend very well together. Orphek lights are built to last using high-quality components like Meanwell drivers, thick heatsinks, acrylic body, silent fans, and robust LEDs. Put an Atlantik V4 over your tank today and watch your corals enjoy!


Refined Spectrum

With 156 individual LEDs make up the Orphek Atlantik V4 that span from 380nm up to 850nm making it one of the widest spectrum ranges available in the aquarium market With peaks in 420 - 460nm range and also highlights around 530nm and 600nm create the ideal spectrum influences for rapid coral growth and coloration. There are 14 different types of LEDs that can be controlled across 4 channels that can be programmed independently of each other allowing you to make the perfect spectrum and light source for your corals and you!



Orphek Gateway required for wireless control

Control 4 channels of LEDs through your favorite iOS or Android smart device wirelessly! With the Orphek Gateway and the free Orphek Atlantik app, you can change intensities, colors, programs, and much more. You can connect multiple Atlantik fixtures to create a Master/Slave relationship if you need multiple lights over your aquarium. Just connect your light to the Orphek Gateway and enjoy fast and stable programming from your smart device!

  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Pre-Installed Programs
  • Master/Slave Setup
  • Stong and Soft Cloud Cover
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • 0-100% Progressive Dimming
  • IoT Technology
  • Demo Mode (great for jellyfish tanks)


Quick Channel Tips:

Channels 1 & 2 can create a color temperature between 18K and 30K

Channels 2 & 3 can give a deep blue/purple actinic appearance that brings out the fluorescence and pop in your corals!

Channels 1 & 4 can mimic a shallow reef with color ranging between 10k and 18K

Channels 1, 2, 3, & 4 give you the ability to span through all the temperature ranges

Channel 4 is great for photographs!


 Download the Orphek V4 App:

Google Play Store

iTunes App Store


LED Specifications:

78 high-efficiency 5w Dual-Chip LEDs that span between 380nm and 850nm

Supplied with 90° convex optics.

  • 20000K - 8x
  • 5000K - 6x
  • 380nm - 4x
  • 410nm - 5x
  • 420nm - 5x
  • 430nm - 4x
  • 440nm - 2x
  • 460nm - 18x
  • 470nm - 8x
  • 500nm - 6x
  • 525nm - 4x
  • 590nm - 4x
  • 850nm - 2x
  • W-R - 2x



Maximum Spread - 48" x 35" 

Recommended Spread - 40" x 24"



Dimensions - 24.21" L x 9.37" W x 2.11" H

Cord Length - 59"

Power Consumption - 211W @ 120VAC

Optics - 90° Convex Lens


What's Included?

1x Orphek Atlantik V4 Light Fixture

1x Atlantik V4 Power Supply

1x Hanging Kit

1x Wifi Antenna


3 Items

  • Awesome lights By Nathan on 11/3/2017

    I have six of the v3+ fixtures and they are absolutely awesome! Orphek even has upgrade kits to upgrade your lights as new version come out! In fact I started with v3’s 2 years ago and upgraded to the v3+ for substantially less money than even one fixture! I’ve never had a problem and would recommend these to anyone!
  • Awesome lights! By RandyT on 10/31/2017

    i purchased my light before Bulk Reef sold them. However will still lend my review.

    These are not the cheapest light out there, but they are worth the price. mine even dropped 6 ft to the floor and no issues. had a small connectivity issy and Kris at Orphek provided excellent and prompt support until the issue was resolved.

    yes they are a bit on the large side, and so is their coverage.

    Should add you will need one gateway with your first light.
  • Best LED on the Market. Buy this one! By VanSank on 10/23/2017

    This is the light you need to buy. I've used AIs, Kessils, Radions, etc. and this fixture beats the pants off of all of them. I use strictly Orphek lights for all my reef tanks at my fish store, and will not use anything else, ever. I replaced 4 Kessil A360 Tunas with one of these fixtures in my 4' x 4' grow out tanks. (Kessil would be my second choice of LED company, Orphek #1)


    - Orphek literally tells you what wavelengths of LED are in the fixture, and in what quantity.
    - The efficiency of these fixtures is astounding. Meaning you'll get more punch for each watt of power used.
    - PAR and Spread is ridiculously high.
    - Color rendition and overall richness and depth is the best I've seen in any light.
    - Made for the health of your coral! Yes, your coral will look good, and it is also receiving the wavelengths of light that it needs! (Some lights are more people pleasing than coral pleasing).
    - Made to last and out of quality materials. Lights are heavy, and not flimsy. Metal and Acrylic. Not plastic.
    - Upfront cost maybe considered high. But one of these can replace 2 Radion XR30s, 4 Kessil 360s or an AP700, 3-4 Hydra 52s. So I really wouldn't put it as a con.


    - Fixtures are large, not really a negative for me, but I could see how people would have issues mounting these underneath of a small canopy. If you are not using a canopy then don't worry. These lights are sexy.
    - You'll get some disco ball effect, but I haven't had any troubles with it.


    Worth every penny.


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Product Questions

What are the mounting options for these? I need some sort of on-tank mounting arm; would the Kessil A-Series Mounting Arm work or could you recommend something similar? Thanks.
Question by: Chuck Lawson on Nov 16, 2017 5:35:00 PM
The Orphek Atlantik does not currently have a tank mounting option available. The Kessil Mounting Arms could work well. Whatever option you use, you will more than likely want to suspend the light from the mount with the supplied hanging kit. You may also want to look into the Giesemann Wall Brackets too.
Answer by: Charlie (Admin) on Nov 18, 2017 7:22:00 PM