Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Solution (15ml)

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Easy-to-use Pre-Mixed Drop Checker Solution

  • 15ml 4dKH Solution
  • No Mixing Necessary
  • Ensure Appropriate CO2 Levels in the Aquarium


When the drop checker is submerged in the aquarium, the carbon dioxide in the water will fill the airspace of the drop checker and will eventually be absorbed into the indicator solution. The carbon dioxide will seek a point of equilibrium between the indicator solution and the aquarium water. As equilibrium is achieved, the color of the indicator solution inside of the drop checker will change based on the concentration of CO2 in the water column.

Dark Green = Appropriate levels of carbon dioxide are present

Blue = CO2 levels are too low

Yellow = CO2 levels are too high



Instructions for Use:

1) Fill the drop checker 2/3 full of CO2 Drop Checker Solution (about 25/30drops)

2) Invert the drop checker, being careful not to spill the liquid

3) Holding it level, mount the checker in a visible location inside the aquarium so that air is trapped inside

4) Replace the CO2 Drop Checker Solution once a month for the best accuracy

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