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AP700 Major Diffusion Optical Kit - Kessil (DISCONTINUED)

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    The Major Diffusion Optical Kit enhances the already great color blending capability of the AP700 while helping maintain the natural light appearance while reducing hard shadow and shimmer.

    Have you ever wanted your AP700 to be a bit softer light, with less appearing shadows, almost mirroring a T5 lamp? The Optical Kits are the answer. Having the ability to change the overall diffusion of the LED lights within your fixure is very valuable. Diffusion optics have been used in the lighting industry for years, it's about time we use them with aquariums.


    • Perfect for acclimation
    • Reduces hard shadows
    • Reduces light scatter
    • Softens source of light
    • Easy magnetic install
    • Under 15% loss of overall light


    Two Models Available

    • Major Diffusion Optic Kit - Best for acclimation, or shallow tanks with higher rates of turbulence on the surface looking to reduce shimmer.
    • Slight Diffusion Optic Kit - Best for deeper tanks with minimal surface agitation that are looking to soften the source of light


    Whats Included?

    • 2x Major Diffusion Optical LED Lenses


    Note: All existing AP700 lights already have built in magnets to hold the optical kits in the perfect position. Only compatible with AP700 fixtures.

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