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AF Shrimp GH+ (125 mL)

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AF Shrimp GH+ (250 mL)

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AF Shrimp GH+ is a professional liquid mineralizer designed to provide the perfect parameters for freshwater shrimp breeding and moulting. This unique formula provides the ideal balance of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron to encourage healthy growth and reproduction in shrimps, especially Bee and Crystal species. 

  • Increases the total hardness (GH), leaving the carbonate hardness (KH) unchanged 
  • Mineralizes RO, deionized and distilled water
  • Provides essential minerals for shrimp moulting and breeding
  • Contains ideal ratio of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron


Available in Two Sizes

125mL / 4.2oz

250mL / 8.4oz


Instructions for Use

  • Use 3mL per 5 liters of RO, deionized, or distilled water to achieve GH of 5.
  • Mix with water prior to additng to aquarium. Water is ready to use immediately after mixing.


Due to the high content of minerals, sediment may appear in the bottom of the bottle, this is completely natural and does not indicate a product defect. The sediment also doesn’t affect the clarity of the water using in the aquarium.

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