AF Purifying Resin

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AF Purifying Resin (125 mL)

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AF Purifying Resin (250 mL)

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Aquaforest Purifying Resin absorbs nitrogen compounds in freshwater aquariums to clarify water and keep algae under control. It is especially beneficial for heavily stocked aquariums that struggle with elevated nitrates. This special ion exchange resin works selectively, effectively absorbing nitrates from water without affecting the level of minerals necessary for a healthy aquarium.

  • Ion exchange resin to absorb nitrogen compounds
  • Removes harmful compounds from the water
  • Reduces the frequency of water changes
  • Prevents the growth of algae


Available in Two Sizes

125mL / 4.2oz

250mL / 8.4oz


Instructions for Use

  • 125mL will purify 400 liters of water.
  • Place resin in a fine mesh filter bag and then place in filter basket with a constant flow of water.
  • Replace or regenerate media after it becomes discolored dark brown.
  • Regeneration can be carried out in a 50% bleach solution for approximately 6 hours. Rinse resin thoroughly and leave it in clean water for 24 hours before re-use.


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