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AF Minus pH (200 mL)

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AF Minus pH is a professional water conditioner designed to reduce the pH level in freshwater aquariums. It's important to kee the pH of your aquarium as close to natural conditions as possible. Some fish, such as those from the Amazon River, require a more acidic pH than what is found in most tap water supplies. AF Minus pH offers a quick and easy solution for lowering the pH of tap water to maintain optimal parameters for your fish.

  • Quickly lowers pH level of tap water
  • No phosphate content



  • Do not dose directly into the aquarium.
  • AF Minus pH should be prepared outside of the tank, in water destined to be changed.
  • Check pH level of water prior to treatment.
  • 1 ml AF Minus pH per 1 liter of water lowers the pH value by 0.2. 
  • Do not lower the pH of the water in the aquarium by more than 0.5 per day.


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