AF-200 Alpha Fuge Sump 4th Gen

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Be Confident with the Eshopps Alpha Class Fuge Sumps.


The Alpha-Fuge sumps are designed for the advanced hobbyist, incorporating Eshopps’ unique Triple Water Channel Design and an easy access filter sock with a clear removable lid. The Alpha-Fuge Refugium Sump features a large protein skimmer compartment with dosing tube and a probe holder cradles. In addition, Alpha-Fuge sumps feature a large return pump compartment with built in water level ATO float valve and a hang on multi-purpose media tray. The media tray can be used as an in-sump passive media filter. Additionally, the refugium compartment has a removable algae blocker panel along with a built-in bubble trap with easy change filter sponge. The Alpha-Fuge is designed to meet all the demands an advanced hobbyist can dream of.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexible, advanced design features
  • Prefilter sponges reduce debris and bubbles
  • Filter Socks Included



  • Total Water Volume: 28 US Gallons
  • Dimensions:30" x 14" x 16"
  • Skimmer Chamber: 12” x 13.5”
  • Refugium Chamber: 12” x 13.5”
  • Return Pump Chamber: 6” x 13.5”
  • Filter Socks: 1x Rectangular sock
  • Removable Media Tray: 3" x 3"
  • Sump Flow Rate: 1,250 GPH



Model Dimensions Filter Sock

Skimmer Size

Refugium Size Return Size Recommended Tank Size
AF-100 24" x 14" x 16" 1x Rectangular 8” x 13.5” 9" x 8" 6” x 13.5” 75 - 125 Gallons
AF-200 30" x 14" x 16" 1x Rectangular 12” x 13.5” 12” x 13.5” 6” x 13.5” 125 - 225 Gallons
AF-300 36" x 16" x 16" 1x 7" 14" x 15.5" 14" x 15.5" 8" x 15.5" 225 - 300 Gallons




What's Included?

1x AF-200 Alpha-Fuge Sum

2x 1" Bulkheads

2x Flexible Drain Hoses

1x Rectangular Filter Sock


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