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Earn 483 Reward Points

    Give your refugium the light it needs and start seeing the benefits in your display.


    With the Kessil A360X Refugium LED Grow Light and the Kessil Gooseneck it's fast and easy to start growing buckets of macroalgae and controlling nutrients in your aquarium, resulting in less algae growth and healthier corals and fish.


    A360X Refugium LED Grow Light

    Getting the proper intensity and spectrum over your refugium can make the diffference between mediocre and explosive macroalgae growth. The A360X Refugium delivers excellent coverage and light penetration in a spectrum range ideal for supporting healthy plant growth. 



    The A360X Refugium comes with the Narrow Reflector to prevent unwanted light spill into other areas of your sump. The addition of the Narrow Reflector focuses the light output and allows for better light penetration in deeper sumps. The reflector can also be removed for wider, shallower refugiums for coverage up to 36" x 36". 



    The A360X Refugium has been specifically designed to hold up in the harsh, high humidity environment around our sumps. The innovative Vortex Fan and first-class sunflower heat sink manage heat extremely well and enhance the longevity and efficiency of the lights.



    The A360X Refugium is switchable between the Grow, Blue, Daylight, Bloom, and Red Spectrum settings via the onboard control knobs, and can be plugged directly into a controllable outlet or timer for simple on/off control. The A360X Refugium is also compatible with the Kessil A360X WiFi Dongle, which lets you control any A360X light without the need of additional cords or hardware. The optional WiFi Dongle will plug right into the K-Link connector and unlocks additional programming options through any Android or iOS phone. 


    A-Series Gooseneck Tank Mount

    The gooseneck makes it easy to mount and position your refugium light for proper coverage and intensity. The flexible Gooseneck mount is 24" long and designed to mount directly to the rim of sumps and aquariums up to 1.25" thick. The mounting bracket can be rotated to mount to a standard rim or euro-braced rim.


    A360X Specifications:

    • Recommended Coverage - 24" x 24"
    • Dimensions: 4.3" x 2.1" / 11cm x 5.3cm
    • Unit Weight: 0.8lb / 0.37kg
    • Coverage with Reflector: 24" x 24"
    • Coverage without Reflector: 36" x 36"
    • Power Adapter: 100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output)
    • Power Consumption: 90W max


    What's Included?

    A360X Refugium

    • Kessil A360X Refugium LED
    • Kessil A-Series Gooseneck Tank Mount
    • Narrow Reflector
    • Power Adapter
    • AC Adapter Cable
    • DC Extension Cable
    • Hanging Ring
    • Metal Screw Hook
    • Hanging Bracket
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