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60mL CoralAmino With ReefBlizzard-L


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    Further Enhance Your Coral's Food!

    Using Brightwell Aquatics CoralAmino along with ReefBlizzard-L Coral Food you can create a nutrient-dense marine plankton blend that your LPS and other corals will consume. By adding CoralAmino to ReefBlizzard while it is rehydrating you will enhance the benefits to target your aquarium's inhabitants.



    Brightwell Aquatics CoralAminō is a complex that closely approximates ratios of amino acids present in many species of stony corals; the formulation is based upon extensive research conducted on tropical coral reefs by oceanographic researchers. While the ratios of amino acids present in coral tissue vary between species, general ratios are approximately maintained, enabling an effective average to be created that will benefit not only stony corals, but also soft corals, solitary, and colonial polyps (e.g. Xenia, Anthelia, Zoanthus, Discoma, Actinodiscus, etc.). The amino acids are present in their most elementary form (”free-form”) rather than being accounted for by their presence in a food or complex nutrient; in this fashion, they are readily available to corals and their allies. The main benefit of this quality is the ease in which corals can assimilate the amino acids into their tissue for the purpose of growth and tissue repair. Secondary benefits of some amino acids are their role in enhancing the coloration of corals.



    ReefBlizzard provides a desiccated, diverse blend of nutrient-dense marine plankton in an overall size range suitable to capture by large-polyp stony corals and many planktivorous fishes. ReefBlizzard planktonic blends may be re-hydrated in a cup of aquarium water for a few minutes prior to addition to the aquarium (this process helps the plankton break surface tension when they enter the aquarium, minimizing loss of plankton to overflows and the waterline around the interior of the aquarium and/or external filter), or the plankton can be soaked in nutrient formulations to further enhance the positive impact delivered to the target aquarium inhabitants.


    When the primary purpose of adding ReefBlizzard to an aquarium is for feeding corals, it is best to use this product in conjunction with CoralAmino. Turning protein skimmer(s) off and adding two to five drops of CoralAmino per 50 US gallons (189 L) net volume to the aquarium at least 30 minutes prior to feeding with any food suspension typically elicits a feeding response (extended polyps) from corals; the length of time between addition of CoralAmino and this response tends to decrease with time when performed on a daily basis. When polyps appear to be fully extended, the planktonic suspension should be added to the system. By following these steps, the greatest percentage of plankton captured by corals and other suspension-feeders will occur; by contrast, adding any food to a system without "preparing" the inhabitants can result in significant loss of food to filtration. Increased plankton capture encourages faster growth rates of consumers and lower concentrations of latent particulate and dissolved organic material that are the result of decomposing plankton.



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