500 Ft - Blue Polyethylene 1/4" RO Tubing - Mur-Lok

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Bulk RO Tubing

Compatible with all Bulk Reef Supply RODI Systems and other RO(DI) systems that utilize 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing. The 1/4" measurement is the outside diameter of the tubing and will work with all 1/4" Push-Connect fittings.


Our 500 Foot Spool comes as a complete continuous 500-Foot span of tubing which is perfect for fish stores or service shops to keep on hand. The spool comes with a metal inner ring that makes it convenient to mount on a spindle for quick and easy dispensing of the tube. 


Blue RO Tubing is commonly used to distinguish filtered water from raw source water. On most reverse osmosis systems the blue tubing will start immediately after the membrane.


Make sure to pick up an RO Tubing Cutter for easy and clean cuts every time!


What's Included?

1x 500 Foot Spool Blue Polyethylene RO Tubing

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