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4-Part Complete Reef Care Dosing System

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4-Part Complete Reef Care Dosing System (Small)

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4-Part Complete Reef Care Dosing System (Medium)

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4-Part Complete Reef Care Dosing System (Large)

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As Simple as 4 Bottles and 1 Test Per Week

  • 36 Major, Minor, and Trace Elements
  • Pairs Seamlessly with ReefDose 4 Dosing Pump
  • Three Sizes Available to Match Your Tank Size


The new Complete Reef Care is based on Red Sea's 30 years of research into the needs of corals in artificial environments. It's a proven solution for optimal coral growth and coloration, providing you with a stunning and healthy tank. Complete Reef Care replenishes all 36 major, minor, and trace elements that get used up regularly by corals. These elements get used up in relatively predictable ratios, so Red Sea recommends testing calcium once per week to determine the dosages of all 4 parts.


How Much Should I Dose?

Bottle 1 (Calcium): Start by dosing the recommended amount on the bottle.

Bottle 2 (Alkalinity): Dose 2x the volume of your bottle 1 dose.

Bottle 3 (Iodine & Potassium): Dose 1/2 the volume of your bottle 1 dose.

Bottle 4 (Iron & Bioactive Elements): Dose 1/2 the volume of your bottle 1 dose.


ReefDose 4 Ready (sold separately)

The ReefDose 4 conveniently has just the right number of dosing heads for the Complete Reef Care dosing system. When Connected to the ReefDose, your ReefBeat app will automatically adjust the dosages of bottles 2, 3, and 4 based on your selected dosage volume of bottle 1, making automated dosing to your reef tank easier than it's ever been. Better yet, since the four parts are provided in the same ratio that they should be dose in, you'll finish all four bottles at exactly the same time.


Multiple Sizes Available

Small: Recommended for aquariums up to 40 gallons (approx. 3 month supply)

Medium: Recommended for aquariums up to 80 gallons (approx. 3 month supply)

Large: Recommended for aquariums larger than 160 gallons (approx. 3 month supply)


Note: If your aquarium utilizes a macro algae refugium, Red Sea recommends using their 7-part Reef Foundation and Trace Colors system instead. This way, you can adjust individual trace elements to account for their unique uptake ratio by macro algae.

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