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250 mL Razor Marine - Systemic Aquarium Cleaner

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Add Brightwell’s Razor Marine to your maintenance routine and spend less time struggling to remove stubborn buildup from your rocks and glass. Razor Marine is part of a long-term strategy to reduce stubborn deposits on rocks and glass. Over time the suspended polymers in Razor will loosen accumulations and inhibit future deposits from attaching to surfaces, making scraping and vacuuming easier and more effective. The polymers also act as a flocculant, aggregating particulate matter for easier removal through skimming and other mechanical filtration. The end result is a better looking aquarium with less manual effort.



  • Passively & systemically cleans aquarium surfaces
  • Gently loosens unwanted buildup
  • Aids mechanical filter in removing floating particulates
  • Keeps glass cleaner longer


Razor Marine is slow acting and may require multiple applications to achieve the effect desired by the user. Used as directed, it is safe for marine fishes, hard and soft corals, and other inverts, as well as most macro-algae. As all animals are individuals, and water conditions vary in many aquariums, animals should be observed closely during use for signs of stress (corals closing and not re-opening, erratic behavior etc.). If signs of stress occur, or if macro-algae are affected negatively, reduce or discontinue use as necessary. If symptoms persist, do a partial water change and add carbon.


Available in Two Sizes

  • 250 mL
  • 500 mL


Directions for Use

For every 50 gallons ( 190 L ) of aquarium volume, introduce the following dosages of this product into a high flow area of the main aquarium.  

Note: 250 ml and 500 ml bottle caps are 5 ml. Shake well before using!

  • Day 1: add 2½ ml (½ capful)
  • Day 2: add 5ml (1 capful)
  • Day 3: add 7½ ml (1½ capfuls)
  • Day 4: add 10 ml (2 capfuls)
  • Day 5: add 12½ ml (2½ capfuls)
  • Day 6: add 15 ml (3 capfuls)


For maintenance, add 7.5 ml (1½ capfuls) every other day or as needed. Activated carbon may be re-installed in the filters once treatment with this product has been concluded.


Considerations for Use

It is recommended that activated carbon use be suspended while using this product, as activated carbon can reduce the product’s effectiveness. Once the aquarium has attained the desired appearance, activated carbon can be put back into the filtration system, if desired. Due to the rate at which filters collect detritus, it may be necessary to clean mechanical filter pads and other media every other day while dosing this product. Simultaneous use with MicroBacter CLEAN will have a very synergistic effect.  If using with MicroBacter CLEAN, add it first and then wait several hours to add the Razor Marine.

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