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1 1/4" Female Thread Quick Connect Cam Lever Adapter - A

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Female Pipe Thread X Cam Lever Adapter

Female Thread Cam Lever Quick Connect Adapters will mate up with a Cam Lever Quick Connect Couplings* to create an easy to remove banjo style fitting. The unique shape and cam locking design creates a positive locking, leak free design allowing you to quickly remove and reattach pumps, plumbing, reactors and more.

  • Material: Polypropelene - glass reinforced
  • Threads: Female NPT
  • Gasket Material: EPDM
  • Pressure Rated: 125 PSI @ 70°F


Quick connect couplers and adapters (banjo fittings) allow you to make a leak free connection that can be used for many different applications. We have found them to be particular handy is for water change systems, temporary hoses, reactors, or any other location that you may need to remove quickly and often.


Quick Connect (banjo) fittings come in two forms:

  • Adapters - The male side of the quick connect banjo fitting.(available with male or female threads)
  • Couplers - The female side of the quick connect banjo fitting. (available with male or female threads).

*Note: You need 1 adapter and 1 coupling to create a complete banjo fitting. You can use any adapter with a coupler of the same size. Please see compatibility chart below.


Example: if you use a 1" Female Thread Cam Lever Adapter, you would need to use either a male or female 1" Cam Lever Coupler to complete the fitting.


Fitting Name Fitting Letter Compatible With
Female Thread Cam Lever Coupling D A or F
Male Thread Cam Lever Coupling B A or F
Female Thread Cam Lever Adapter A D or B
Male Thread Cam Lever Adapter F D or B
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