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    Skimz Automatic Zeolith Reactors utilize a double walled chamber along with the controllable Skimz QP4.0 to manage the flow through the stones, and will even wash the stones up to once every hour. The ZAR-127 can hold up to 1.2 liters of zeolite stones and only takes a couple of minutes to replace the media with the easy to remove thumbscrews and outer chamber. 


    Zeolite reactors are intended to be used with Zeolith stones to support selective bacterial strains helping reduce nutrient levels in the aquarium. In many cases, this will create an Ultra-Low Nutrient System (ULNS) where you may need to actually dose nutrients and elements back into your aquarium since Zeolith based stones can be very effective. The most notable system, Korallen-Zucht's Zeovit system has proven to produce stunning coral reef tanks but has been feared by many reefers due to the daily maintenance of pumping the Zeo stones in the reactor. Skimz has completely removed the need for daily manual maintenance with the ZAR reactors. Automating the flushing of the stones ensures it gets done on time, every time, but even more important, it gives you more time to enjoy your aquarium. 

    We highly recommend following a system or program that has a method of testing and supplements since maintaining a ULNS system will require many additives and supplements to be added back to the tank at regular intervals.


    Two-Stage Wash Program

    Depending on your preference, you can set the Skimz ZAR-157 to flush the Zeostones twice a day or as often as once per hour. The DC pump will automatically increase the flow to rinse the stones which completely removes the need to manually shake or pump your Zeo reactor.

    • Mode 1 - Rinses twice per day
    • Mode 2 - Pump flushes once every hour


    Four Pre-Set Volume Settings

    Dial in the perfect flow for your amount of zeolite media with the Skimz QP4.0 DC pump and controller.

    • 0.3 Liters
    • 0.6 Liters
    • 0.9 Liters
    • 1.2 Liters


    Technical specifications:

    Dimensions - 6.25" L x 6.75" W x 18.25" H

    Pump - Skimz QP4.0

    Power Consumption - 30 watts @ 120VAC

    Max Zeolite Size - Up to 3.5 cm

    Max. Capacity - 1.2 Liters (0.3 Gallon)

    Max Aquarium Size - up to 125 Gallons

    Recommended Sump Water Level - 7" to 9"


    What's Included?

    1x ZAR-127 Reactor Body

    3x Thumb Screws

    1x Quick Dosing Access Port

    1x Skimz QP4.0 DC Pump

    1x ZAR-127 Controller

    1x Power Supply


    Skimz Automatic Zeolith Reactor Instructions

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