WS-1 In-Sump Protein Skimmer (OPEN BOX)

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Compact In-Sump Protein Skimming

  • Effortless Installation - Just Place in the Sump
  • Powered by a Modified Sicce Pump
  • Ideal for Saltwater Aquariums from 30 to 65 Gallons


The AquaReady WS-1 Protein Skimmer is engineered for saltwater aquariums ranging from 30 to 65 gallons. This compact skimmer is powered by a robust Sicce pump that is modified to ensure efficient and effective skimming by creating optimal air bubble sizes that maximize waste extraction. Its space-saving design allows it to easily fit into most sump setups. With easy installation and minimal maintenance required, the WS-1 offers both beginner-friendly usability and top-tier reliability, making it an essential component of your tank's filtration system.


Bioload Capacity:

Heavy Bioload - 65 Gallons

Medium Bioload - 50 Gallons

Light Bioload - 30 Gallons


How Does This Fit into Your System?

The WS-1 In-Sump Protein Skimmer is designed to be used in a sump or in the filtration compartment of an all-in-one aquarium. It works best in water depths from 8 to 10", and requires just 5.5" of clearance to remove the collection cup for cleaning. Its innovative design is optimized for aquariums in the 30 to 65-gallon range.


How Can This Help My Aquarium?

A protein skimmer has many benefits to a saltwater aquarium including filtration and gas exchange. The use of a pump and a diffuser create air bubbles and foam that work to separate waste from the aquarium water and also help gas exchange which oxygenates the water. Removing waste from the aquarium is an excellent way to manage pollutants and help prevent odors, discoloration, and/or algae growth.


The AquaReady Commitment

We know that you and your aquarium depend on effective and easy to use equipment that is built to last. AquaReady is fully committed to the success of your aquarium experience, which is why every AquaReady WS-1 Protein Skimmer comes standard with a 1-Year Warranty.



Footprint: 5.9" x 3.2"

Height: 14" (excluding collection cup)

Collection Cup Height: 5.5"

Recommended Water Level: 8-10"

Pump: SHARK 1.0

Power Consumption: 11 Watts

Requires Approximately 5.5" of Clearance to Remove Collection Cup


What's Included?

AquaReady WS-1 Protein Skimmer

Shark 1.0 Skimmer Pump

More Information
Skimmer Type In-Sump / Internal
Capacity Light Bioload -
Medium Bioload -
Heavy Bioload -
Pump Rotor Type Needlewheel
Variable Speed No
Power Type AC
Pump Included Yes
Control Type Preset Plug & Play (No Controls)
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