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    Almost everyone at some point will try to make a standing wave in their tank. It is very hard for traditional powerheads to create a wave, as waves are created by displacement. A wavebox works of the exact same concept by oscillating the displacement of water in your tank. With a very small amount of power you can generate a standing wave in your tank with the use of a Tunze Wavebox.


    Reefs in the ocean have oscillating currents which help whisk away nutrients from your tank, including between rocks, behind rocks and even the corners. With the use of the 7092 controller finding the correct frequency is very easy and only takes a few minutes to install completely.



    • Recommended for aquariums: 106 to 370 Gal.
    • Operating depth: 255 to 285mm (10 to 11 in.).
    • Power Usage: 26W at 24V,
    • Power supply unit: 100-240V / 50-60Hz,
    • Dimensions with Magnet Holder:  L 5.5 x W 4.3 x H 12 in.
    • Tank Thickness: 19mm (3/4").
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    Product Name Comline Wavebox 6214 (OPEN BOX) - Tunze
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