Traceable Long Stem Calibration Thermometer

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Traceable Long Stem Calibration Thermometer

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Quick Overview

Why Does BRS Recommend This?

The exact thermometer we use to calibrate our temperature probes, heaters and any other device that requires calibration. We will usually double check calibration with the VWR Thermometer about once a month, and you may be surprised what you find with your probes or heaters calibration over time.

Fully Calibrated using instruments traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology

There has never been an easy and precise way to calibrate temperature probes since most thermometers are made cheaply and are very unreliable. With the VWR Long-Stem Traceable Thermometer, you can accurately calibrate your temp probe or other temperature sensing devices. The thermometers are all individually certified and guaranteed to be accurate within ±0.5°C @ 25°C.

  • Calibration Certificate Included

  • Reliable & Accurate

  • 8" Long Probe

  • Armored Guard Included

  • Reads in Celcius or Fahrenheit

  • Easy to Read LCD Display


Full Details

Temperature probes have always been one of those things in the hobby that you pay 40-60 dollars for the probe but calibrate it with a thermometer that you have had laying around for ten years that only cost you 2 bucks. In most cases, we find that using multiple (3 or 4) thermometers was the only way to calibrate a temp probe semi-accurately until we came across these.

We have found most temperature sensing devices could be off anywhere from one degree all the way up to 8 degrees from the stated temperature. The Traceable Long Stem Calibration Thermometer will let you properly calibrate your temp probes accurately and keeping the ecosystem at a proper temperature. It is recommended to have it recertified every two years from the certification date keeping the readings accurate.



  • Resolution - 0.1° above -20°C and below 200°C
  • Sampling Rate - 1 second in °C mode / 10 seconds in °F mode
  • Range - -50 to 150 °C / -58 to 302 °F
  • Accuracy - ±0.5 °C at testing points
  • Stem Length - 8"
  • Overall Length - 11"
  • Stem Diameter - 1/8"
  • Overall Diameter - 1.2"


We do not recommend leaving this particular thermometer in the water long term as it is not designed to be used as a temperature monitor. It is best practice to place the thermometer in the tanks water, next to the probe you wish to calibrate for about 10 minutes, then turning the calibration thermometer on and proceeding with calibration of the probe.


What's Included?

  • Long Stem Temperature Probe
  • Armored Sheeve
  • Certification Documentation
  • Battery
  • Instructional Pamphlet



6 Items

  • GREAT!!! By Carlos on 8/8/2017

    I use it to calibrate all my thermometers!!!
  • Not quite accurate enough By Randall on 8/8/2017

    I bought this thermometer and found that it may be accurate to within 1 degree or so. I wanted better, accurate to the true water temp within 0.2 degrees F. I found an incubator thermometer that is highly accurate and only reads within the 15 to 30 degrees Celsius range, or 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for a marine aquarium. With it, I can calibrate my temp probe with ultra precision, and maintain my water temp within +/- 0.2 degrees with Apex and NeoTherms.
  • My probe was 1.3 deg high By Bob E on 6/17/2017

    My tank has been 1.3 deg cooler than I thought. Not a big deal but now I can calibrate more accurately. I did the restaurant test. Fill a glass with crushed ice, add water, wait 90 seconds and put thermometer sensing tip in middle of ice in glass and it will be 32 deg. I did this with this model and it leveled out at 32.0 deg. I am very happy with this purchase. Calibrated both Apex probes and all is well. My 250G DT varies .3 deg.(3 tenths) in 24hr period. When I check water temp at the probe area of the sump, it reads the exact same as my Apex. I sleep better at night, now. Tempurpedic and Traceable Long Stem Calibration Thermometer, doesn't get any better than that.
  • On Point By Steven on 3/7/2017

    I didn't want to spend a bunch on buying several "ok" thermometers and putting my trust in those. So while it's pricey, I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I'm just setting up my new tank and wanted to calibrate my temp probe on my DA Reefkeeper, and boy am I glad I did. The heaters internal thermostat was set to 79 and the Reefkeeper was reading around 77. I checked the temp of water at the probe location in my sump and it was a sizzling 85 degrees. Very happy I checked it. I think temperature often goes overlooked.
  • Apex was so far off By Bob on 2/17/2017

    Great having a validated reference temperature. In reef keeping +/-2 degrees is a big change, especially if you're not confident of which side of the spectrum you're on.
  • Great way to calibrate your probe By Davide on 1/29/2017

    Very easy to use and accurate. I recommend this product to calibrate your temperature probe every so often. Stable temperature is vital to success of a reef system!


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