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The Plank Automatic Feeder (v3.6) (OPEN BOX)

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The Ultimate Automatic Feeder for Your Reef Aquarium

  • Automates Frequent, Small Feedings
  • Mixing Chamber Powered by a Sicce Pump
  • Easy Integration with Aquarium Controllers
  • Enhanced Circulation and Flow Control
  • User-Friendly Assembly and Operation


Introducing The Plank Automatic Feeder from Avast Marine, the culmination of years of dedication to creating a device that meets the demanding needs of delicate and selective aquarium inhabitants. Many reef fish and corals have evolved to continuously consume small prey items from the water column, a feeding habit that traditional methods can't replicate efficiently. The Plank solves this by allowing for frequent micro-feeding, ensuring your aquarium thrives without the constant manual effort.

Designed to provide a nearly continuous supply of freshly hydrated plankton, The Plank incorporates a powered mixing chamber that neutralizes the buoyancy of freeze-dried food particles. This prevents the food from floating to the surface and being filtered out before consumption, a common issue with other feeders.

The Plank's auger-driven mechanism delivers precise doses of freeze-dried plankton, making it ideal for high-energy reef fish with rapid digestive systems. It integrates seamlessly with aquarium controllers, digital timers, or smart plugs, allowing you to customize the feeding schedule to your needs.


What's Included?

The Plank Automatic Feeder v3.6

Sicce Syncra Nano Pump

1 oz. Package of Reef Jerky Fish & Coral Food

Avast Marine Sticker Sheet


Note: Digital timer or aquarium controller with outlet on/off functionality required for operation, not included.

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